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BAI Communications designs, builds and operates highly available communications networks – cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio – for our customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong and Australia.

We are at the heart of some of the most innovative technology around, technology that is keeping people connected.

In New York City and Toronto, we provide Wi-Fi and cellular network coverage to more than 6 million of subway riders daily. In Boston, we are building wireless fibre communications networks along 400 miles of train tracks to bring Wi-Fi, cellular, and high capacity broadband to commuters.

In Hong Kong, the rail network is now capable of delivering the highest quality cellular data globally thanks to our expertise in the design and technology needed for connectivity in confined and complex transit systems.

In Australia, we own and operate one of the most extensive transmission networks in the world, delivering 59 million of broadcasting hours to 99% of the population. In times of natural disasters, national broadcasters rely on us to maintain the connection with Australians – rain, hail or cyclone.


Delivering innovative solutions globally

Our culture

Our people are immensely proud of the services we deliver. We combine technical expertise with an unwavering commitment to placing our customers, and the community, at the heart of everything we do. BAI Communications is committed to excellence, innovation and collaboration. These values are the crucial elements to our delivery of high-availability network solutions. As the communications industry continues its explosive growth, our company values will be at the forefront of our day to day operations.


We deliver excellence in all we do – design, engineering, construction and operations.


We leverage current and future technologies to deliver the best solutions for our customers.


We collaborate with each other and with our customers, to achieve great results.

Our history


The National Transmission Network (NTN), an Australian nationwide network of broadcasting transmission facilities, begins operating by transmitting ABC radio programmes.


The Australian Broadcasting Company is made a state-owned corporation and is renamed the Australian Broadcasting Commission, later to become the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1983.


ABC Television, a service of the ABC, launches.


SBS TV begins test transmissions, followed by full-time transmissions in 1980.


The Commonwealth Government establishes The National Transmission Agency (NTA) to supervise the operation of the NTN.


After 70 years as a government-owned and managed transmission network, the National Transmission Agency (NTA) is privatised.


Rollout of DTV services for ABC and SBS commences, with 774 services contracted.


Macquarie Bank acquires NTA and brands it Broadcast Australia, becoming the seed asset in the publicly listed Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group (MCIG) fund.


The Field Services division moves in-house thanks to the purchase of Kordia R and M Pty Ltd, maintaining the network of over 622 transmission sites. Rollout of 84 ABC News Radio Services commences.


Broadcast Australia becomes a majority shareholder in Hong Kong based Radio Frequency Engineering Limited (RFE).


Launch of Airwave Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd and The Bridge Networks as subsidiary companies and Broadcast Australia completes the acquisition of Hostworks.


The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) acquires MCIG, including Broadcast Australia. Broadcast Australia designs and builds DAB Radio Services for ABC and SBS in five capital cities.


BAI, the parent company for the Broadcast Australia group of businesses, acquires a majority stake in Transit Wireless to design, build and operate communications infrastructure in the New York subway. The first analogue switch-off takes place in Australia.


Broadcast Australia is named Restack Programme Manager and the SBS DTV equalisation programme is contracted for an additional 75 services. BAI Canada is established and signs an exclusive 20+ year agreement with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).


Australia switches off Analogue television, heralding a digital television era, and the rollout of 406 ABC DTV services covering 98% of population is completed. Sale of Bridge Networks takes place.


The rollout of 332 SBS DTV services covering 97% of the population is completed. Successful completion of final public retunes as part of the Commonwealth DTV Restack programme affecting 1,476 TV services, ahead of time and budget, freeing spectrum for mobile broadband use.


On 30th October, BAI is renamed BAI Communications. The company operates in Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Canada specialising in broadcast, telecommunications, online and digital, critical communications and defence. Broadcast Australia’s work on restack awarded Project of the Year 2015 by PMI Australia.


BAI opens London office, focused on growing our Transit portfolio in Europe. Transit Wireless to manage NYC Governor’s expedited timeframe - All 278 underground NYC subway stations will have Wi-Fi service by the end of 2016 (two years ahead of schedule).


In February Hostworks is acquired by inabox. In March, BAI Communications acquires inMOTION Wireless, expanding its transit business to Boston Bay area and in above ground transit networks, rebrands BAI Communications US. New CEOs for the UK and USA are appointed.

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