BAI Sustainability
report 2022

Creating our sustainable future today

Sustainability is crucial to protect our planet and the people who live on it, securing our collective future.

As we continue to grow and build our vision of connecting places to create smart communities, we also understand it is our responsibility as an industry leader to ensure we design, build, and deploy our products and services in a sustainable way.

Sustainability report 2022

For the first time, this year we have incorporated ESG targets into our business strategy, and by introducing our first Sustainability report: ‘Creating our sustainable future today’, we are declaring our commitment to building a better world for present and future generations, and for all our stakeholders in a sustainable way.

BAI has full support for our approach to sustainability from our majority shareholder, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and a commitment from our Board to provide diligent oversight and advice on BAI’s ESG journey.

"I’m very pleased to share our first sustainability report. This is a big milestone for us at BAI Communications, as it not only reflects our vision to deliver advanced connectivity that can transform lives, power business ambitions, and shape the smarter communities of the future, but also shows our commitment to do so responsibly"

Igor Leprince

Group Chief Executive Officer - BAI Communications.

BAI's ESG framework

Our vision of connecting places to create smart communities continues to evolve, as does our ESG vision.

Our vision is to connect communities via providing resilient infrastructure and services. To maintain ethical operations and supply chain, and for responsible climate action, and positive action in inclusion, diversity and equality.

As part of building our ESG Framework, BAI has committed to 23 targets outlined in our first report, and committed to sharing our progress annually, as a participant of the world’s largest sustainability initiative, the United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC).