As Australia's communications landscape evolves, so too must the connectivity solutions we depend upon. For this reason, we are pioneering a new future for shared infrastructure and wireless solutions enabling our customers to amplify their reach, enhance their services and accelerate their networks.

Fireside series

Episode two with Nick and Brendan

This episode sees Nick Gurney, Director of Telecommunications at BAI Australia, resume his conversation with Brendan O’Reilly, BAI’s Group Chief Technology Officer.

On a visit to Sydney from the UK, Brendan shares more about BAI’s recent acquisitions, the opportunities for shared communications infrastructure in Australia and how locally we can benefit from a neutral host model.

Episode one: Public private partnerships

In this episode, Nick Gurney, Director of Telecommunications at BAI Communications Australia, sits down with Brendan O’Reilly, BAI’s Group Chief Technology Officer, during his visit to Sydney. Here, Nick and Brendan discuss BAI’s growth aspirations in Australia, and how government can achieve transformative outcomes through public private partnerships – leveraging BAI’s local and international expertise.

Insights from our team

Smart communities

Explore your connected community

Smart communities are being built using state of the art technology, combined with real-time data and analytics, to improve people’s lives and create smarter, more intuitive infrastructure.

BAI’s neutral host infrastructure and unrivalled expertise in providing high capacity, high-availability and multi-use communications networks make us the ideal partner in building the smart communities of tomorrow, today.