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Group CTO Brendan O’Reilly speaks at Connect (X) on new shared network models for the open 5G era​

Connect (X) is the only business technology event in North America uniting the industry to deliver infrastructure solutions for universal connectivity. 5G represents the next wave in wireless infrastructure network investment – and only Connect (X) 2021 prepares the entire networking, services and supplier ecosystem with the business insight and information to meet the needs […]

How government and enterprise can harness advanced technology and unleash the power of private networks

Private networks are changing how public and private enterprises connect, operate, and communicate. From healthcare to hospitality and mining to manufacturing, private cellular networks are delivering the fast, secure, and efficient connectivity that large organisations need. Putting business outcomes front and centre With all the buzz they’re now generating, you could be forgiven for thinking […]

Why neutral hosting is the key to smart communities

Building the right infrastructure platform is an essential first step for any town or city looking to deploy smart community applications. Beyond laying down fibre and putting up cell towers, it’s about forging stronger, more collaborative relationships between municipalities and connectivity providers. Shifting from proprietary network ownership to neutral network hosting is a key piece […]

Private network and 5G pairing supports smart city development

Consider the superior performance that 5G offers in terms of security and data flow, as well as the reliability, speed, mobility, flexibility, efficiency, and coverage that supports the necessary connectivity for advanced – smart – technology applications. As more organisations develop operations, processes, and services that require strong and ubiquitous cellular coverage, private networks are […]

Insights from our leaders – Chief Commercial Officer UK and Europe, Paul Osborne

We recently spoke with Chief Commercial Officer UK and Europe, Paul Osborne Paul is responsible for driving BAI’s customer acquisition, revenue and profitability goals in the region. This incorporates new business development, including working with the mobile and fixed operators in the UK to onboard them to the London Underground and the wider public and […]

In smart communities, what comes first – the platform or the apps?

Municipalities everywhere are declaring their intentions to become smart communities. Most times, their planning starts with a single application or service in mind, such as autonomous vehicles, smart lighting, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors or connected transit. While one application may be the catalyst for modernising services, bridging the digital divide requires a broad range […]

Insights from our leaders – Group Business Development Director Malcolm Keys

We recently spoke with Group Business Development Director Malcolm Keys. This month’s insights from our leaders around the world come from Group Business Development Director Malcolm Keys who is responsible for driving BAI’s achievement of its customer acquisition, revenue and profitability goals. This includes developing new product offerings, such as 5G IoT solutions for industry, […]

BAI Communications evolves into a global infrastructure provider

BAI Communications recently made two bold moves to elevate the company as a global infrastructure provider. First, BAI signed a major agreement with Transport for London (TfL) to provide wireless communications for the London, U.K., subway system. BAI is an established provider of wireless communications for subway and transit systems in major cities around the […]

Beyond broadband: A new connectivity strategy for smart communities

Communities can use connectivity to unlock economic, social and commercial value in the post-pandemic world — by bridging the digital divide, attracting top talent, improving services and becoming more resilient. Yet most of today’s broadband infrastructure isn’t ready to deliver those benefits. To enable the right kind of connectivity environment, governments need new strategies and […]

The future of private networks and 5G with leading global mobile communications expert, Professor Rahim Tafazolli

Brendan O’Reilly (BAI Communication’s Group Chief Technology Officer) recently spoke with Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli, the Founder and Director of the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) and the recently launched 6GIC. They discussed what can be expected for private networks between now and the launch of 6G (expected to be 2030) as well as the role […]