BAI Communications Group CEO Jim Hassell and ABC Communications Networks Director Adrian Potter have thanked retiring* Broadcast Australia Senior Field Services Technician Ron Collison for an outstanding 55 years of service to Australian broadcasting.

Mr Hassell acknowledged Mr Collison’s critical role in the Australian broadcasting landscape and impressive career, which started before the launches of both the SBS and Ten Network.

“Moon landings, revolutions, fires, floods and political turmoil have been witnessed by millions of Australians through the broadcast networks, and throughout these events, Ron has played an important part in ensuring that people receive the services on which they rely so much,” Mr Hassell said.

Mr Potter thanked Mr Collison for his contribution to keeping radio and television services on the air during changes from AM to FM, DAB radio and Analog to Digital TV.

“From the black and white analog days when Ron started in January 1961 to the amazing world of digital television and radio in 2016, he has been part of an incredible technological journey,” Mr Potter said.

Mr Collison was part of the award-winning team that completed the successful Commonwealth Spectrum Restack program, which involved changing the frequencies of 1,476 national and commercial digital television channels across Australia, resulting in 20.4 million TV viewers being retuned nationally.

The entire BAI Communications team would like to wish Mr Collison and his family all the best for the future.

*Mr Collison retired on 22nd January, 2016.

Broadcast Australia is a BAI Communications company.