Judy Wade, Managing Director and Head of CPP Investments’ San Francisco office, led a panel entitled ‘From Data to Insights: Unlocking the Value of Analytics’ with six executives developing or adopting complex data and analytics solutions. The panelists discussed capturing valuable analytics from data, future-proofing industry wide data decisions, centralizing compatibility and privacy, and the cultural transformation within the industry.

“One thing we learned early in the process is,” said Melinda White, Chief Executive Officer of Transit Wireless (a BAI majority-owned company), “it’s not just about what we develop as product, it’s about being able to integrate with existing data.”

The panel included Kelly Shen, Senior Managing Director and CTO of CPP Investments; Katie Doyle, Chair of the Innovation and Sustainability Committee at Ahold Delhaize; Ali Ghodsi, CEO of DataBricks; Frederic Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology, Igor Taber, SVP of Corportate Development and Strategy at DataRobot; and Melinda White, CEO of TransitWireless.

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