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Growth. Ingenuity. Experience – Meet Suji Leroux

12 September 2022

Meet the people driving BAI Australia’s growth and strategy for our telecommunications business. In this blog series, hear from our team as they share what they envision for the future and how growth will be achieved.

Suji Leroux, joined BAI Australia in March 2022 as part of the telecommunications team led by Telecommunications Director Nick Gurney. In her role as Strategy Execution Manager, she is responsible for identifying and coordinating resources to execute projects and initiatives.

Having worked at BAI Australia previously, she hit the ground running and is already playing an integral role in delivering the telecommunications growth strategy. Her experience working for start-ups in the renewables space, testing markets and working in business development is a great asset for BAI Australia’s venture to build our telecommunications business.

Learn more about Suji:

What are you responsible for in your current role at BAI?

As Strategy Execution Manager, I am part of the BAI team that helps to drive our telecommunications growth strategy in Australia which is a key priority for BAI. I am excited to support this journey as there is a deep satisfaction in building something from the ground up and taking it to the next level.

What attracted you to the role with BAI?

I had previously worked for BAI Communications Australia, and it was the amazing people and the awesome organisational culture of collaboration that I experienced in the past that made me want to come back.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Collaborating with lots of different people and knowing the positive impact our company has on communities throughout Australia. With BAI’s proven history of delivering innovative telecommunications projects around the world, I can’t wait to see how BAI will advance connectivity in Australia.

What’s something you find challenging about your work?

It can sometimes be a challenge to adapt content appropriately for our various stakeholders. When I prepare a presentation of our offering and solutions, I always try to frame the information, so it communicates our key points in a way that resonates with the respective audience.  

What motivates you at work?

Mainly the people I work with. Our growing team consists of many inspiring and talented people, and I am excited to work with them on a daily basis. On top of that, knowing that we are ’doing what matters‘ for so many people across Australia and that our services keep people connected, informed, entertained and safe is very motivating.  

What’s something you’re proud of?

I’m proud of the variety of roles I’ve had during my career, the personal development that I’ve achieved and how I managed all this during the past 10 years, while also raising my children. I feel proud to have been able to do both and haven’t seemed to have failed at either (yet).

How do you collaborate with your team?

Mainly through conversations. Those that know me, will know that I love a good and productive chat. And I find that by building rapport with my colleagues and being genuinely interested in their point of view, I can often find the best path forward to achieve our objectives.

Who inspires you?

Lots of people. Though, I have to give working mums a shout out – we have a tough gig at times managing everything at home and at work but there are so many inspiring women who do it daily and smash goals all around.

What’s your most-used productivity hack?

I find often a quick phone call, or a face-to-face discussion can be the most efficient way to achieve things as it can create alignment in a way that emails/messaging sometimes misses. If you need something done quickly, it’s my go-to hack.

Want to join the BAI team in Australia? Head over to our careers page.

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