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Insights from our leaders – Group Director, Product and Innovation Stefan Schmitt

by Stefan Schmitt

22 October 2021

This month’s insights from our leaders around the world come from Stefan Schmitt, Group Director, Product and Innovation who is responsible for leading BAI’s product development and lifecycle, technology and product strategy, as well as its innovation ecosystem. Stefan joined BAI earlier this year from Verizon, where he served as Senior Manager, Innovation and Product Realization. He began his career in operations and technology at Essity and held senior roles across Y Media Labs and IXL Center.

What’s the most important development happening in our industry and what does that mean for business globally?

As 5G continues to roll out, consumers and businesses will have seamless digital experiences wherever they are and wherever they are moving around. We at BAI Communications are providing the network operators with these superior mobile connectivity solutions. Our advanced infrastructure deployments power smart communities. BAI deployments enable the entire innovation ecosystem that will improve people’s life through digital solutions. Our global presence enables us to scale successful services across countries and economies.

What inspires you most in the work that you do?

Working for a global company and continuously innovating to improve customer outcomes is what inspires me. We operate across the globe and incorporate learnings from all parts of the global business. We collaborate globally to get the customer job done in each market. I gain inspiration from executing on what is possible today and scoping out what we will make happen in the future.

What is a technique you use to be more effective in your work?

Innovation, inspiration and growth are my guiding principles. I always investigate which parts of business and technology inspire me and where do I see growth opportunities. Combining the power of inspiration and future growth enables me to be most effective today. Innovation means to constantly combine capabilities in a new way that delivers superior outcomes for the users of our products and services.

What’s one of the ongoing challenges you face at work and how do you manage it?

Our goal is to deliver awesome experiences for the users of our products and services while enabling market winning profits for the network operators and superior results for our investors. Overcoming the digital divide by applying our expertise to deploy networks in hard-to-reach places will improve people’s lives and the competitiveness of our economy.

What is your advice for proactively managing your career?

It always helps to listen to yourself and find out what inspires you. In addition, listen to your surroundings, listen to the market, and find out which technology is growing today and in the future. As you gain more experience, find out what your sweet spot is and continue to nurture it. Finally, always stay open to learning new things.

Who has been the greatest influence on your career and why?

The greatest influence has always been the people I work with. I enjoy learning about different approaches and to combine current and new ways of doing things to reach a common goal. These interactions with the people around me continue to be the greatest influence in my career. I enjoy broadening my horizon by learning from the people I interact with.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am a coffee fan. I love to explore the tastes of coffee beans from around the globe. My perfect day starts with the flavours of a freshly brewed cup of Kenyan coffee.

Stefan Schmitt profile pic

Stefan Schmitt

Group Director, Product and Innovation

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