To raise awareness of World Wi-Fi Day we asked our teams around the globe to embrace the spirit of ‘HOPE for Connectivity’. Exploring what connectivity means to them and to the next generation, the children in their lives.

World Wi-Fi day is a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide. It is a platform to recognise and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi plays in cities and communities around the world by driving exciting and innovative projects to ‘connect the unconnected’. This year’s theme is ‘HOPE for connectivity’.

We asked a few young people (family members of the BAI team) how they think Wi-Fi can help make their world better. Here are some of the responses we received.

World Wi-Fi Day and BAI Communications

At BAI ‘HOPE for Connectivity’ means supporting the growth of future ready infrastructure as a neutral host. This means investing in infrastructure improvements which increase connectivity across communities. Promoting the use of existing networks and building new ones through partnerships with fixed and mobile operators, transit authorities and government.

We’re excited to re-share some of our initiatives that demonstrate how wi-fi connectivity can help communities and the role BAI plays in them. You can read them all here:

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