There are approximately 225 major military bases across the United States. For over seven years, at Signal Point, we have been deploying connectivity infrastructure on many of them, forging unique relationships on U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) military bases and with certain private ground leaseholders who provide housing for troops. With Mobilitie’s backing, we have the scale to cover them all — and advance connectivity solutions.

Signal Point and Mobilitie are stronger together

Mobilitie, a BAI Communications company, announced it acquired Signal Point in May 2022. From our perspective, it was a collaboration that just made sense. The team at Signal Point has deep expertise working with the DoD and knows the ins and outs of its procurement process, its telecommunications site planning, and how it deploys passive infrastructure, including dark fiber and antenna towers. This is particularly important because working with the military is quite different from working in standard communities, as extra permits and security are elevated concerns.

By working with Mobilitie and the broader BAI group of companies, we have the added capacity needed to scale our operations and expand our full range of wireless connectivity solutions, from LTE and 5G network infrastructure to distributed antenna systems (DAS). Both Signal Point and Mobilitie are dedicated to, and quite proficient at, working with partners to deliver the benefits of ubiquitous connectivity, whether it be in a public transport system, a public venue, or communities at large, such as those on busy, thriving military bases.

Solutions for military homelife and the base

Military bases are like their own standalone cities. Some bring together populations of 200,000 or more people and have more than 5,000 houses on site. Like any other community, these people need fast, reliable connectivity — and together, Signal Point and Mobilitie can provide it to their homes. Signal Point already has relationships with certain private housing providers responsible for building and maintaining the houses found on 130 bases today. Mobilitie will help us further leverage those existing partnerships to move swiftly and get new communities up to speed as soon as possible.

We’re proud that the work we’ve done (and will continue to do with Mobilitie) is allowing military members and their families to enjoy their home life on base: from holding a video call with relatives far away to watching a TV show on their favorite streaming service. Unfortunately, high-quality connectivity hasn’t always been available to them in the past.

But we’re not just providing connectivity to homes. The infrastructure deployed by Signal Point and Mobilitie will also provide options for mission connectivity. Like other “smart” communities throughout the United States and worldwide, military bases are tapping into communications infrastructure to maximize operational efficiencies and explore new ways of doing business. An example of this is the implementation of smart warehouses, where automated systems identify and record information. Many are also looking into the use of autonomous vehicles and seeing the need to deploy more electric vehicle charging stations. These advances are impossible without modern communication infrastructure and 5G networks in place.

Excited about the future

Together, Signal Point and Mobilitie will bring military personnel and their families next-generation communications solutions while also opening new possibilities for the U.S. Department of Defense operations. We have a solid foundation to work with here and are looking forward to utilizing the suite of services that Mobilitie and BAI can offer. It will be a joy to dig into that and figure out where we can go. I’m excited about everything lining up. We’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.