BAI Canada, a BAI Communications company, is proud to be bringing world-class innovation to Toronto. Our latest project has made cellular service available throughout every station in the Toronto Transit Commission (“TTC”). We’re now working on expanding that connectivity into the TTC tunnels: it is already operational in tunnels between Bloor Yonge and King Street and on the 9km York-Spadina subway extension. In today’s post, we’ll talk about the benefits of this service, which is currently available to Freedom Mobile customers. Our aim in this project was simple: to bring all the conveniences of modern connectivity to places that were previously mobile black spots, helping Torontonians stay in touch as they move around every level of the city, including the underground.

We’ve all found ourselves hovering outside of a station because an all-important call or text came in just as we were about to head down for a train. Now there’s no need to interrupt your day: carry on inside, and our cellular network in the station will enable you to place your call or send your message. You can use your phone from the street right until your train leaves the station.

And just as when you move around overground you don’t lose your connection, even though your cell may be hopping between antennas, the transition underground is seamless. Your phone will simply move over to the TTC cellular network without a hitch, so you won’t need to hang up, wait or reconnect – you can continue as normal.

Of course, you’re not limited to only calls and texts. Your cellular data will also work as usual, allowing you to stay online and on top of what’s important to you. Whether your priority is a live hockey game, a critical work email or an inspired tweet, it doesn’t have to wait.

Best of all, there’s no need to worry about the impact on your phone bill. There’s no connection fee or any supplementary charges for the network. You’re free to use it as you wish, and your call, text and data allowances will reflect your usage no differently than they would above ground.

Our ultimate goal is to expand the cellular network into every tunnel in the TTC, creating a completely seamless experience throughout every journey for every commuter. By the end of Summer 2018, the entire downtown loop will be cellular-enabled, a major step towards that goal. Watch the video below to see a typical commuter enjoying the benefits of the current service, and to hear more about our achievements and plans. The services described above are already available to Freedom Mobile customers: ask your mobile carrier if they’re connected yet.