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BAI Communications is at the heart of some of the most innovative technology across the globe, technology that is keeping people connected every hour of every day. In New York City, Transit Wireless (a BAI Communications majority-owned company) has brought commuters and the Metropolitan Transport Authority into the 21st century by providing Wi-Fi and Cellular to all underground stations.

This is the second instalment in the Team BAI series, which focuses on Transit Wireless and the importance of keeping people connected underground and the success of completing the New York project 2 years ahead of schedule.

Watch the first instalment of Team BAI: Emergency Broadcasting – Keeping services on air during adverse conditions.

team bai

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Daniel Goldsworthy

Hostworks, Australia

“The completion of this project enables millions to be able to reach out for help at a moment’s notice.”




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“In this digital age, it is essential to stay connected wherever we go – even underground”




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“Our project benefits the City of New York and its riders by making the commute easier”




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“It’s important to be able to receive information even while underground “




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Peter‘s story x

Broadcast Australia's network spans the breadth of the vast Australian continent. This large and complex network requires extensive management and maintenance. Peter Lambourne and his Service Delivery Unit are responsible for the network, and in times of crisis that becomes a challenging task.

"Throughout the year we can face cyclones, floods, fires, snowstorms - and sometimes these things happen all at the same time, in different parts of the country," Peter says. "When you're working with multiple situations at the same time, that's a challenging environment and it keeps our people exceedingly busy."

"It's vitality important for local communities to be kept informed in the event of a natural disaster. They need to make life or death decisions at any point in time. The ABC through its local radio service is the key service provider of emergency information and therefore it's vitally important that our services stay on air to be able to provide that information and keep people safe."

The team at Broadcast Australia work closely with the ABC to prepare for emergency situations and thoroughly test our emergency procedures. "We put in a lot of time and effort with the ABC to ensure that we provide a seamless service in any situation. Each year we run a number of exercises to test our systems and process, to ensure they're fit and ready for purpose. We run through various disaster scenarios, and this is done in conjunction with the ABC to ensure we have the end-to-end process in place."

Maintaining a broad network, year-round

"We reach 98% of the Australian population through our broadcast sites," Peter says. "We have to respond to faults any time of the day, anywhere in the country."

He says the team at Broadcast Australia take much pride in maintaining the network and getting things right. "When communities are able to receive our services twenty-four hours a day, without ever seeing a problem - that's the definition of success for us.

"Broadcast Australia employs 275 people and they are providing services ranging from the design and building of new transmission facilities for our customers, through to the maintenance and operation of those services."

In order to service over 600 sites, the maintenance team are dispersed across eleven bases around Australia. Meanwhile at Gore Hill in Sydney, the Network Operations Centre is the central monitoring point. "It's crucial to have that 24 hour monitoring and forward-control, to make sure we can get services back to air as quickly as possible," Peter says.

"As technology enhances, we are able to offer even better services. We've recently installed 'IP to site' across our entire network, which enables a technician to log-in to site from home or on the road to diagnose a fault, enact a bypass or potentially repair the problem remotely rather than having to travel to the site. That's a great outcome for us. We can resolve faults more quickly, whilst giving our people a better quality of life."

In addition to our broadcasting services, our sites are used by many mobile telephony services and the NBN network. "These are services people expect to have access to every day, that people take for granted as being part of the way they live now, such as using their smart phones or iPads to access content wherever they are," he says.

"Broadcast Australia's network infrastructure plays a vital role in keeping people connected."

What it means to "Be courageous"

"As an organisation, and as a person, it's always important for us to keep changing and keep improving," Peter says.

"It's important to be able to stand up and say, 'I know a better way we can do this. I know how we can be a better service provider, how I can make my job and your job easier'. We really want to encourage that at Broadcast Australia, so that everyone can make a difference to the way the organisation works and how we then lift and improve the business to become even better at what we do."

Isagani’s story x

As a Project Engineer in the Design & Construction department, I ensure timely and cost-effective achievement of project deliverables, with an emphasis on construction. Day-to-day work will vary based on the needs of the project. This can range from hands-on field-work, to stepping back and planning project execution at the strategic level.

My favourite part of any job is being able to witness the end result – both the concrete aspect and its impact. I enjoy seeing the project deployed and knowing my contribution has made a difference. Also, given our rapid pace of construction, we must come up with solutions quickly and creatively, breaking the typical pace and allowing me to be a creative problem solver.

My team is energetic and everyone comes from different background: Heavy Civil, Radio Frequency, and even Medical. This diversity means that we can be quite creative in how we solve problem, and the manner in which we go above the call of duty to achieve our goals.

One of the most important benefits of the NYC project is the improvement to the public safety applications now available to end users. It is a boon to riders of the New York City Subway to be able to contact emergency services in such a complex and confined space used by millions of riders every day. Completing this project means that today millions of New Yorkers can reach out for help at a moment’s notice.

In addition to public safety, riders can access information they need regarding their travel. It is great to be able to know where one is going at any time and to be able to respond and circumnavigate the unforeseen. Additionally, for those of us working in the subway environment, being able to communicate with colleagues and access the information necessary to do our job is also a plus.

Rebecca’s story x

I work as Assistant Project Engineer for the Design and Construction team. I get to be involved in all phases of every project our team undertakes – from planning to close-out. In a typical day, I assist the project engineers and project manager on their tasks, schedule and coordinate minor projects, communicate with contractors and New York City Transit Authority. I make sure that all parties involved in the project have everything handy and are updated about all aspects of the project plan.

Every day I get to learn something new. My job helps me mould my skill sets, and constantly improve my knowledge of how to manage a project more efficiently and effectively. I am proud that I have been up to the challenges that arise from such out-of-the-box projects as the ones we are working on. The occasional field visits to stations spread out in all boroughs have been really exciting. One of the favourite aspects of my job is problem solving and finding the best method to complete a task. Every day at Transit Wireless is new and exciting.

A successful project is always the result of good team work. Working with the experienced people leading and collaborating on this project has nurtured me a lot. My team members are very cooperative and we work together towards the same goal. Everyone is willing and able to fill in for one another if the need arises, and that helps get things done faster and smoother. Transit Wireless is also so diverse in its employees, that it has made me more socially well-versed, in addition to having unique opportunities for professional development.

The New York City Subway is the heartbeat of the city, and being one of the busiest rapid transit systems in the world, it is really important to keep everything upgraded. In this digital age, it is essential to stay connected wherever we go – even underground. With the infrastructure that Transit Wireless has built, we are bringing the wireless world underground. The cellular service and the free Wi-Fi keeps everyone connected - tourists and commuters.

Being connected at all times, especially in the underground subway, gives people a sense of security. It helps people to stay connected to their loved ones or colleagues, and inform them of any unexpected delays or emergency. It helps visitors to utilize real-time mobile apps to navigate the city using the subway, which otherwise might be confusing to them. Also, it helps people to browse websites, social networking sites, listen to music or radio, read articles, stream videos, etc.

I was a fresh engineering graduate from university when I joined Transit Wireless. I was new to the corporate world as well as the Big Apple. Looking back, I have learned a lot from the company and from being part of something unique. Being part of this project has been a huge break in my career, and I could not have gained this type of experience from anywhere else. It has been great!

Samantha‘s story x

I am the Office Manager of Transit Wireless. There is never a typical day in the life of an “Office Manager” here at Transit Wireless. I wear many hats in my role, which can be both challenging and rewarding. I am responsible for organizing all the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office. I make sure that office equipment is maintained, relevant records are up to date and that all administration processes work effectively. But my daily tasks don’t stop there – it is better stated that I assist with whatever the day brings.

I’m the first face people see when they come through the door, and the go-to person for everyone with a desk. I enjoy being able to help everyone execute their day-to-day duties. I’m happy to have a wide variety of responsibilities, and be more than just a stockist. I also serve as an admin to some executives and managers and I am often called on for special projects that impact the entire company. I am proud every day I walk through my train station and see our company’s logo and marketing materials in the stations. I am also proud when my Directors acknowledge my dedication to this company.

Our project benefits the City of New York and its riders by making the commute easier. In the morning, riders can check their emails and prepare for the day ahead; or connect with their family to plan out their evenings or weekends. They can use their phone apps to schedule food delivery, book tickets and hotels securely, and be more productive as they wait for the train. As commuters, they also benefit from the wireless connectivity that enables them to receive alerts and remain informed if there are delays in their commute. Having Wi-Fi and cellular service in the subway system makes it not just easier to work in the city, but to live here in New York as a parent; a friend; a member of the community.

Steve‘s story x

Having been with Transit Wireless from day one, my role has evolved throughout the years. I began as the company’s Controller, and in 2014 I became “Head of Human Capital Management (HCM) and Administrative Operations”. In my current role, one of my main responsibilities is to ensure that our internal stakeholders (department heads) have the right human resources to carry out the strategic goal and vision of the organization. These resources can be drawn upon for any activity: recruitment, compensation analysis, performance reviews, developing and implementing corporate policies and procedures, succession planning, and more. It also entails the day-to-day supervision of all office administrative operations.

One of my favourite things about Transit Wireless is the people I work with. Although we have doubled in size year-over-year to almost 125 full time employees and in-house consultants, we continue to maintain a very open, inclusive atmosphere for every individual team member. We can often be seen interacting with each other in and out of the office, which has played a key part in the very nominal voluntary turnover within the organization.

Working at Transit Wireless is like working in the UN: a melting pot of individuals from 20+ countries around the globe, and spanning multiple generations. Each day you can walk by a conference room or someone’s desk and hear the collaboration; ours is an environment that values input from everyone without judgement. As our employees develop, the company grows alongside them – it’s the key ingredient in our company’s secret sauce to become the successful organization we are today.

I’ve lived in NYC for 20 years, and it’s good to be able to say “the City that Never Sleeps” is now awake underground as well. It’s part of the New York lifestyle to expect to be connected everywhere – for emergencies, and for the everyday; and it’s a necessity now to have the world at your fingertips, everywhere you go.

Most New Yorkers are in the subways at least twice a day - a lot can happen aboveground as people travel underneath the city! It’s important to be able to receive information even while underground – you never know when you might need to turn around and collect a sick child from school, or transfer at the station to another train because a business meeting has changed locations.

The opportunity to be directly part of changing the way a city functions is very rare, and I feel very fortunate to be part of the company that is redefining the way New Yorkers live in the City. I am ecstatic to have been part of this project since its inception, and I can see myself telling my grandkids that I helped shape the digital landscape of the NYC subway.

I am bai

In every part of the BAI Communications business, our people work behind the scenes to make exciting things happen, whether it’s bringing communications services to Australian households and businesses or to the subways of Toronto, Hong Kong and New York.

We are made up of a talented group of individuals who are bringing the connection to our world. We asked a group of BAI Communications employees from various corners of the business to tell us a bit about what they do and what makes them BAI.



I am bai

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Daniel Goldsworthy

Hostworks, Australia

“My job takes me all over New York City: I can be in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn.”

Nupur Sutaria

Senior Design Engineer
Transit Wireless, New York City

“Delivering cutting-edge projects gives me a great feeling.”

Lithika Vinu

RF Systems Engineer
Broadcast Australia, Sydney

Nupur’s story x

  • My job takes me all over New York City: I can be in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx or Brooklyn. Along with colleagues, our client and contractors, part of my role is surveying stations for design purposes, taking photos and measurements, marking out equipment locations and so on. I always feel proud when explaining my job. It is pretty thrilling to be able to say that I had a hand in making this project possible - making wireless service available for people who ride the subway every day.
  • I began working at Transit Wireless as an intern in 2013. I was finishing the second semester of my Mechanical Engineering graduate degree at Columbia University at the time. When I graduated a few months later and received my master’s degree, I accepted a full-time Design Engineer position with the company. My position is a design role. On top of creating and reviewing station designs internally, we hold many meetings with our clients to make sure they concur with our design choices.
  • One of the great things about working in telecommunications is that my work positively impacts society, myself included. I get to design a network that has the potential to reach everyone in NYC, making communication possible even in unexpected places. I use the underground network every day on my commute to and from work, to look up directions, stream music, check social media, send emails and text messages, surf the internet and so much more. The possibilities and capabilities are endless.

Lithika‘s story x

  • My son is too young to understand my job, but one day I think he will be proud that his mum is an engineer. Delivering cutting-edge projects gives me a great feeling. I have been part of the award-winning team on Australia's conversion to digital TV and restacking the spectrum. There are lots of successful women in engineering. Generally being an engineer is perceived as a male role and even the women who are interested in becoming engineers most often go into the computer science stream. In my speciality of electrical engineering it is even less common for women to enter the field.
  • When it came to selecting a degree, I wanted to ensure I was entering a field that suited my personality as well as drawing on my passion for physics, chemistry and maths. I am glad I chose engineering. I completed a Bachelor of Engineering at Madras University in India, majoring in Electrical Electronics. In a degree of about 60 students, I was one of three women. Coming to Australia in 2004 to study my Masters in Engineering Management at the University of New South Wales, I was the only woman enrolled.
  • I love travelling. Joining Broadcast Australia as an Implementation Engineer allowed me to see many beautiful, interesting locations that otherwise I would never have seen. For the first six months I was mainly travelling around Western Australia completing commissioning work for the changeover from analogue to digital TV. I saw the Pinnacles, just south of Perth. I visited the town of Karratha at the height of the mining boom. I made my way around Queensland. I was rarely in the office. I do miss the travel sometimes, but with a young son at home I like to stay in one place these days.

A great place to work

People are the foundation of what we do. Working at BAI Communications brings satisfaction in knowing that you are behind some of the world’s largest communications networks responsible for delivering critical services to the community. Working at BAI means you are keeping people connected, to information, entertainment and each other, every hour of every day.

We are an employer of choice, one that allows our people to apply their expertise and stretch their boundaries in a positive, inclusive work environment. We encourage flexibility including working from home, part time and job share opportunities and we thrive on a can do culture. But most importantly, we invest in our people –  our learning and development programs help our staff grow within our organisation to take advantage of exciting new opportunities across the globe.