In October 2012, the Department of Communications engaged BAI Communications Australia (then Broadcast Australia), to manage a project to clear UHF television services from the digital dividend band (694-820 MHz) across Australia.

As the industry leader, Broadcast Australia was the best choice to lead the project, which required the cooperation of the whole industry including the national and commercial broadcasters, site owners and installation contractors.

The challenge

Coordinate and manage the restack works for all national and commercial television services to clear the 700 MHz band spectrum of the Federal Government’s digital dividend auction.

The solution

A successful combination of innovation, dedication and the highest level of safety meant the project was completed in less than two years, within budget and ahead of schedule.

The benefit

As part of this undertaking, we restacked the television spectrum, clearing the 700 MHz band (694-820 MHz), which allowed the government to auction the spectrum in two lots for a digital dividend of $3.2 billion.

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