Transit Wireless, a majority-owned BAI Communications company, deployed cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity across New York’s underground metro system.

This included a dedicated 4.9 GHz public safety band licensed to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). In 2019, Transit Wireless supported more than 364 million calls and more than 75 million Wi-Fi logins on the underground,  showing the popularity of the connectivity.

Key achievements:

  • The project was completed two years ahead of schedule thanks to Transit Wireless’s world-leading planning, design and project management skills, as well as its innovative solutions for accelerating infrastructure deployment.
  • Instead of fibre being run through the tunnels Transit Wireless installed fibre in the streets to connect stations with the data centres.
  • The connectivity has enabled innovative applications and services to be supported, such as passenger information systems to inform about train arrivals; Help Points for making emergency service calls or general information queries, and the potential for IoT applications to help cut the transit authority’s maintenance costs and improve customer experience.


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