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Future Mobility Services 2019

Future Mobility Services in the UK

Mobility services are under pressure from multiple angles in the UK. They are either dealing with peak passenger loads or managing increasing customer expectations and changing demand patterns. This is coupled with the fact that the mobility sector is going through rapid change in general, due to the integration of new technology which is rapidly advancing, offering both new solutions and challenges. Key trends include electrification, automation and new business models, designed to integrate various service providers, change the way we think about transport and how we travel.

The phrase “the future of mobility” is designed to encapsulate how we look at traditional and new modes of mobility in a far more comprehensive way than we have done so before. With this mindset, we can more easily build a vision that unites the mobility sector to deliver fit-for-thefuture services within our current systems and respond to key challenges as they arise, as well as those that we face today. This vision is needed to provide clarity that will enable the development and integration of technologies that will support the delivery of high-quality mobility services to UK customers in the future.

techUK members are developing technological solutions that are transforming the mobility services sector. Policy and regulatory environment need to support and encourage implementation of these enablers. This is an area where decision-makers at the national, regional and local levels have a key role to play.

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