Improving digital connectivity – a guide for London’s boroughs

In a cost of living crisis and a potential recession, ensuring access to high speed digital connectivity is paramount. It ensures residents’ access to education and economic opportunity and helps local businesses to thrive. London’s boroughs and local government across the UK, have the power to drive improvements in connectivity that create better places to […]

Hyperconnected London

Digital connectivity provides the foundation for innovation that can make places better for residents and local businesses. In today’s challenging environment, it has never been more important for local government to support communities with great connectivity that creates better places to live, work and visit. A combination of high-speed mobile and fibre connectivity needs to […]

Smart communities report 2022

In today’s modern cities, many of the public services we take for granted are underpinned by an interconnected ecosystem of networks, sensors and devices all working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Creating these ‘smart communities’ is a group effort. Requiring private–public partnerships with investments and contributions from local businesses, government bodies and […]

Engineering knowledge series: episode 4 – Asset management

BAI’s engineering knowledge series is a quarterly podcast where we will share our culture of proactive and continual improvement of network assets. You will hear from our specialist engineers and gain insights into how they apply expert knowledge across all facets of broadcast transmission support and infrastructure to achieve quality outcomes for our customers. With […]

Enabling Southern Cross Austereo to focus on content, not infrastructure

With years of experience and the continent’s largest team of trusted engineers and technicians, BAI Communications (BAI) migrated more than 500 television and radio services from Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) to its neutrally hosted broadcast transmission network without any disruptions to audiences. BAI was selected through a detailed negotiation process to be the trusted provider of SCA’s […]

Connectivity outlook report – London

It’s often said COVID-19 changed how people work, but it may be more accurate to say it accelerated the trend toward remote and hybrid models. In London, passengers are not only comfortable working while they travel, but they also expect to be able to do so. They want better, reliable connectivity to ensure they can […]