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Enabling a smart transit experience

From sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) to data analytics and process automation, ‘smart’ now encompasses a wide range of transformative technologies, connected devices and enhanced analytics.

Safe and secure travel

Optimize safety by increasing the visibility of on-the-ground conditions to prevent overcrowding, identify imminent equipment failures and notify authorities of unsafe work situation.

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Achieve operational excellence

Realize operational efficiencies by integrating systems that connect transit control, maintenance management facilities and vehicles, providing real-time connectivity and data insights.

Greener, smarter systems

Reduce environmental impact and encourage ridership by creating a more sustainable system that leverages smart solutions for enhanced environmental monitoring.

Engineering knowledge series - episode 3 - Transmitters and PIE
One network to connect to

Deploy a single, converged network to support multiple applications, eliminating the need for duplicate, parallel technology infrastructures or equipment.

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