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Rural broadband deployment in Ontario | A whitepaper

Leveraging an 'open access' approach to rural broadband deployment.

Addressing rural infrastructure deployment challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact of the digital divide. Ontario residents lacking access to high-speed broadband infrastructure have not been able to fully participate in the opportunities available to their connected neighbours. For rural communities, the path towards economic success heavily depends on the availability of high-speed, high-capacity digital infrastructure.

Farms and related agricultural industries need greater access to automated machinery, drones, and other technologies to meet the demands of consumers over the coming years. Vehicle to Everything (V2X) applications will require universal coverage to assist in automating logistics capabilities.

This whitepaper explores these challenges and how BAI’s neutral host, ‘open access’ connectivity approach can help municipal authorities overcome them.

Key challenges in rural broadband deployments:

Bridging the digital divide

Underserved communities need ‘future-proof’ broadband access which scales with their needs.

Rural brodband_Fibre Broadband access
One neutral host network

There is a need for competitive digital infrastructure, in an 'open access' or neutral host approach all providers can share the same infrastructure.

Rural brodband_Digital infrastructure
Growing demand from citizens and business

Communities need to implement a solution quickly, in a cost-effective manner, to meet the growing need for connected infrastructure in our modern society.

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Policy needs to match infrastructure needs

There’s a lack of universal program structure to address the growing needs of connectivity.

Rural brodband_Universal program
“The arrival of fibre service to Oriole Park Resort provided our residents the capabilities previously only available to our neighbours only a few hundred metres away. Our residents were able to subscribe to streaming services that previously had long buffering times due to slow connectivity that frustrated users and led to high network usage fees.”

Wendy Nesseth

Manager of Oriole Park Resort

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