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The Hamersley Project
Lot 802
179 Erindale Road Hamersley

Size: 12.4ha
Owner: BAI Communications
Project Status: Application for rezoning and Application for Environmental Assessment

The Site

The owner of the site is BAI Communications (formerly known as Broadcast Australia).

BAI Communications is a national provider of radio and television transmission services and provides critical communications infrastructure for broadcasters, mobile network operators and government. In times of crisis, national broadcasters rely on us to maintain the connection with Australians – flood, fire, cyclone or other natural disaster – and emergency services rely on us to help keep them informed.

BAI Communications acquired the 42 hectares (ha) of land, between Erindale Road and Wanneroo Road, in Hamersley in the 1930s. The land has been used for the transmission of broadcast services since its establishment and continues to be used as such to this day.

The western portion of the Hamersley site, contained wholly within Lot 802 (12.4ha), is no longer required for broadcasting purposes. Pursuant to the National Transmission Network Sales Act (1998), the Federal Government granted approval for this surplus land to be sold.

The anticipated future use of Lot 802 is for residential subdivision and development.

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Map of Hamersley site

The Hamersley Project

The Hamersley Project seeks to:

    1. Prepare Lot 802 (12.4ha) for residential subdivision and development by:
      • rezoning the land from ‘Public Purpose – Commonwealth’ to ‘Development’ zone under the City of Stirling Local Planning Scheme; and
      • preparing a Local Structure Plan, which will show the detail of future residential development, including local roads, lot sizes and the placement of public open space.

      These local planning processes require federal, state and local environmental assessment.

    2. Ensure that the local and regional biodiversity values are managed appropriately as determined through environmental assessments undertaken by WA’s Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture Water and Environment at the Federal Government

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Future Development

Cedar Woods Properties, has been selected by BAI Communications as the preferred property developer of Lot 802 for residential purposes, if planning and environmental approvals are granted.

Cedar Woods is a Perth-based national developer of residential and commercial developments. With award-winning projects in Western Australian, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, the company has grown to become one of Australia’s leading property companies with a portfolio diversified by geography, price point and product type.

Cedar Woods, has won numerous awards for its environmental excellence and has a strong reputation for being an environmentally and socially responsible  developer in Australia.

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BAI Communications has cared for and managed the site for over 80 years.

BAI Communications has referred the Hamersley Project for assessment under the State Government’s Environmental Protection Act and the Federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

These are the appropriate processes for determining the environmental values of the site and the corresponding extent of urban development that may be fairly considered on the 12.4ha in Lot 802.

Both environmental assessments are still underway and will call for community feedback.

A detailed strategy to protect the environmental values of the site is currently being prepared in consultation with the environmental authorities.  Further information about this strategy will be provided soon.

There is more information about the environmental considerations of this project available on the FAQs page.

Both BAI Communications and Cedar Woods are dedicated to upholding the environmental values of the site, while providing for residential development in a responsible manner, by minimising its impact on flora and fauna.

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Local Community

The Hamersley Project team are committed to continue sharing accurate and timely information with the community about the project.

In 2019, the Hamersley Project team undertook voluntary consultation with the local community. More information about this process and the feedback is available on the FAQs page.

If you have any questions about the project, we encourage you to get in touch via the contact form or directly via community@hamerlseyproject.com.au. We will continue to keep this website up to date with project information as it becomes available.

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