SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 4th July 2018 – Broadcast Australia (a BAI Communications Company) and Free TV in partnership with ABCSBS, have given the broadcast industry a taste of the future, transmitting Ultra High Definition 4K content live over the terrestrial platform on Friday afternoon.

The demonstration took place at the Next Generation Television Industry Showcase event and marked the first ever live transmission of 4K content over the terrestrial platform in Australia. The live 4K content broadcast was a curation of local Australian stories and sport content from national and commercial broadcasters.

The showcase was held to celebrate the successful completion of the next generation DVB-T2 trials that were conducted over the past six months. The trials were undertaken to assess the performance and potential of DVB-T2 technology as a possible replacement for the DVB-T standard for digital terrestrial television delivery.

Attendees from across the political, broadcast and content communities, heard how the broadcast industry had come together to demonstrate what was possible on the television platform.

“Broadcast television plays a central and highly important role in the day-to-day lives and cultural understanding of Australians. From informative news and current affairs content to the sharing of sporting and cultural moments, broadcast television is key to connecting people right across Australia’s vast landscape, from metropolitan and regional hubs to remote communities.

“It’s because of this cultural importance that we need to continue to keep pushing the boundaries and exploring ways to evolve the medium. Today’s transmission has done just that – showcasing the improved picture quality and enhanced viewer experience that can be unlocked through 4K” said Peter Lambourne, Chief Executive Officer of Broadcast Australia.

The terrestrial platform plays an integral role in delivering content to 99 per cent of the Australian population. Over 20 million viewers tune in to free-to-air television broadcasts every week making it critical to connecting people across Australia and shaping the nation’s culture and history.

“The trial marked an exciting moment for Australia’s broadcast industry, highlighting the opportunity and potential of the next generation of television” said Bridget Fair, Chief Executive Officer, Free TV Australia.

To hear more about the trial CLICK HERE.