SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 15th November 2016 – Broadcast Australia, a BAI Communications company, has signed with Australia’s first dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) network– provider, Thinxtra, who will utilise Broadcast Australia’s tower infrastructure to deploy part of the Sigfox IoT network in Australia.

BAI Communications Sales, Product and Business Development General Manager Simon McFadden said that low cost connection to the internet, via the Internet of Things, would bring many exciting applications to businesses and consumers. Thinxtra is using LPWAN as its wireless backbone.

“Sigfox is being very proactive in this segment and we are excited to be partnering with them to support their Australian network deployment,” Mr McFadden said.

“We are already seeing global examples of the benefits of this type of technology, with everything from remotely monitored building elevators to crop and cattle management in the agriculture sector.”

Account Manager Claudine Southwell said it’s exciting to be involved in a new market. “It’s our first engagement with IoT technology, and a new revenue stream for the company. We’ve demonstrated our expertise and flexibility, working with the customer to satisfy their needs and meet their timeframes.

Thinxtra CEO Loic Barancourt said Thinxtra was now covering 60% of the Australian population and would expect to complete the network deployment within a year.

“The fast roll out and early availability of the Sigfox network in Australia is an enabler and a catalyst for a lot of IoT projects, which are now feasible thanks to our low cost, low power consumption, and long range solutions.

“We are excited that Broadcast Australia is contributing significantly to the deployment speed of IoT across Australia.”

The IoT network will lay the ground for smart applications that range from:

  • Smart Cities – smart lighting, waste management, and water quality monitoring
  • Smart Agriculture – crop monitoring, cattle management, irrigation monitoring, and equipment tracking
  • Home living applications – health monitoring for elderly residents, pet trackers and smoke alarm monitoring

As the sole distributor for communications service provider Sigfox, Thinxtra will use low power, low cost, simple and reliable connections to send data to the cloud accessible to consumers.

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