Pioneering technology developed by BAI Communications – to be launched this year – will bring digital radio communications to over one million square kilometres of Queensland for the first time.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 7th December 2015 – The Long Range Digital Radio (LRDR) System expects to extend digital coverage to more than 83.3% of Queensland’s geographic area and 99% of its population, or around 1.5 million kilometres, from Dirranbandi and Cunnamulla in the inland south, Mt Isa in the state’s west, and Cooktown in the Far North.

This new technology has the potential to improve the capabilities of organisations that rely daily on radio communications, such as the police, fire, ambulance and government departments that cover a broad and remote geographic spread.

BAI Communications National Business Development Manager (Australia) Ashley Marshall said his team was incredibly proud to have developed project-ready technology, which will enable client to operate at the cutting edge of global digital communications.

“Developing user-friendly, state-of-the-art communications systems which can service such a large, remote region is incredibly challenging,” Mr Marshall said.

“The world-first technology will interconnect well-developed Eastern Queensland radio communication networks with an LRDR system deployed in Western Queensland.

“It will be tightly integrated into P25 radio communications networks, the type used by police, emergency services and utility providers. These types of organisations all around Australia will benefit from this cost optimised coverage and capacity augmentation.

“The deployment of the new system will enable actions such as remotely supporting isolated field workers operations, communicating via voice over long distances and sending encrypted digital data communications.

“The software defined nature of the system means that it has a high level of interoperability with external and internal technological and communications systems.

“To date, BAI Communications has used all-Australian content and suppliers and will endeavour to support Australian businesses throughout each additional phase.”