Stamina Group Inc. (Stamina Group) and BAI Communications (BAI) have partnered to provide syndicated content from publications such as View the VIBE and WanderEater magazine, for BAI’s TCONNECT Wi-Fi media portal; the public Wi-Fi network available in all Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway stations.

Screenshot of the TCONNECT Media Portal, powered by BAI Communications Inc., with editorial content provided by Stamina Group Inc. | Photo: Stamina Group Inc.

As BAI continues to improve and advance the TCONNECT Wi-Fi user experience within Toronto’s subway stations, they sought out a partnership with local media brands to engage users with localized content.

TCONNECT provides brands with an opportunity to sponsor free Wi-Fi connectivity via a completely brand safe and viewable advertising platform. Incorporating the Stamina Group’s content into the Wi-Fi login experience delivers the added value commuters expect and encourages them to dwell and interact with targeted brand messaging.

“Stamina Group’s content is engaging, relevant and provides insightful articles that are curated for the broad TTC subway ridership demographic. Their content is a great choice for keeping TTC riders entertained on their commutes.” said Neg Kiaee, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at BAI.

With this announcement, Stamina Group re-affirms their commitment to providing the latest and greatest lifestyle news, updates on all the local hotspots, what’s “going down in the city,” entertainment, beauty, sports, automotive, travel, culture and more.

“We pride ourselves in creating top-tier, engaging and quality content that resonates with our audiences,” said Steven Branco, creative director and founder of Stamina Group Inc. “Whilst being a privately held digital media company with a small, but mighty, editorial and digital/creative team, we’re a group that practices what we preach. We’re insiders, if I may, who keep a pulse on what’s hot, and what’s not, in the city. So when BAI approached us, we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to expand our reach, and provide TTC riders with the entertaining content they need.”

Editor’s Note: High-resolution imagery available here for use, credited to Stamina Group Inc.

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