Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company and leading 5G wireless infrastructure provider, announced receipt of an Information Services Franchise (ISF) license from the New York City Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI/DoITT).

This license allows Transit Wireless to build broadband infrastructure in NYC’s public right-of-way, expanding fiber communications capabilities to fiber network operators, local businesses, universities, hospitals, multi-unit housing developments, and other businesses or areas needing connectivity.

This opportunity is a great alternative to the ECS pathway,” says Transit Wireless VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships Martin Cassidy.With this license, we can now structure a network that allows businesses to connect from Long Island access points to Manhattan, enabling rapid growth or redundancy solutions throughout the five boroughs.

The existing 160 miles of fiber installed in the MTA’s New York City subway system utilizes a carrier-grade, 864-strand count fiber optic network that links to five strategically located Base Station Hotels (BSH) across all NYC boroughs. Under the recently announced plan to expand Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity throughout the entire MTA subway network, Transit Wireless will add an additional 418 miles of 1728-strand fiber.

This state-of-the-art fiber connectivity delivers secure, 5G-ready, upgradeable solutions that enable seamless connectivity,” says Cassidy. “The network provides a reliable and cost-effective solution in unique locations,” he says.

With this access to additional bandwidth and a simplified network architecture that delivers increased reliability and efficiency, Transit Wireless helps bridge the connectivity gap in underserviced New York City areas.


For more information contact: Scott Christiansen, VP, Marketing & Public Affairs, Transit Wireless –