New Zealand’s inaugural Mission Critical Communications Summit will bring together pioneers, innovators and leaders in critical communications technology.

Ashley Marshall, BAI’s National Business Development Manager for critical communications, will present a case study on the use of Long Range Digital Radio in less densely populated and remote areas.

This conference will provide a platform for decision makers in the following industries:
• Public safety & emergency management
• Utilities / key service providers
• Transportation
• Government
• Enterprise end users
• Enterprise solution providers

As with any new technology, there are issues and challenges when it comes to critical communications. The great news is that there are innovative companies out there offering new solutions to assist crisis situations.

• What are the next-generation critical communications?
• What is the real value of critical communications in the information age?
• How to choose the right network and tools for your critical operations?
• How to avoid cyber threats and ensure cyber security?
• What does it take to build a resilient network infrastructure?

The event will be chaired by emergency management professional Jon Mitchell, and includes presenters from a variety of backgrounds.

Ashley Marshall’s presentation will be held at 4:30pm (NZ time) on Wednesday 17th February, 2016. For more information regarding the conference, visit –


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