At BAI, we are unwaveringly committed to our culture of being courageous and doing what matters.

Doing what matters for our customers, our stakeholders, our communities and so vitally, for our people.

Doing what matters for our people means we invest in building a high-performing culture that helps our employees become the best they can possibly be. And when we are at our best, we create great ideas that change things forever. Ideas that grow our customers, our organisation and ourselves. It also means that health and safety is an integral part of our working environment, and we do everything we can to ensure that our work environments (whether that be a broadcast site or a subway or other) are safe always.

At BAI people love learning and being surrounded by peers and leaders who are incurably curious – equally fascinated by people, by tomorrow’s technologies and the extraordinary results that together they make possible.

If you’re curious and consumed by wanting to make the world a little better for others, then come help us. Because that’s what consumes us too.

Our people

Our people are passionate about what we have built and are proud of what we do - for our customers and the communities they keep connected.
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Sometimes getting a start in the workforce can be the hardest part. We’re there, the world over, helping young people get a foothold through industry apprenticeships.
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Be part of a team that enables millions of people across the globe to connect and collaborate, to share and stream, and to earn and learn.
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