Fibre solutions

Private circuits
Mobile Network Operator (MNO) customers, enterprise and transit authorities stay connected and productive with high-capacity fibre and IP connections between wireless and fixed communications applications, and customers’ networks. Utilising our vast fibre backbone, built around transit facilities, it is easy to secure new connections throughout New York and Toronto.

Wireless carrier for fronthaul/backhaul
To ensure smooth communications, enrich customer journeys and limit any downtime when things go wrong, we provide redundant fronthaul/backhaul fibre connectivity between transit facilities and MNOs’ core networks’ in New York and Toronto.

Co-location services

In Australia, MNO’s, service providers, enterprise and public sector customers can take advantage of over 400 of our towers across the country. With stable power supplies, back-up generators, cooling systems and easy site access, these sites offer space for customers to house their own shelter or racks in premium locations that provide good coverage. In New York and Toronto, MNO’s can utilise space the same way within our Base Station Hotels.


We can supply, install and fit out new towers and equipment shelters to support wireless communications across Australia.

Microwave backhaul

In Australia, where installing fibre is not economically feasible, explore a more cost-effective solution by utilising our towers for point to point licensed and unlicensed backhaul solutions.


Sites operated across Australia


Kilometres of fibre infrastructure installed in New York City


Kilometres of fibre infrastructure installed in Toronto

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