Fibre and tower services

BAI Communications provides tower and fibre co-location services for wireless carriers, service providers, enterprise and public sector customers in Australia and selected metro areas in North America.

Tower co-location services

In Australia, our 385+ towers cover 99% of the population. They are tall and robust structures that provide excellent wireless coverage. The sites are typically located at premium mountain and hilltop sites, servicing metropolitan, regional and remote Australia. They are also well placed for point to point and point to multi-point services.

Sites include:
• Stable AC and DC power supplies
• Access to mains power and back-up generators
• Compound space for your own shelter or rack space within our shelters
• Easy site access
• Working partnerships to support emerging technologies
• Engineering and project support

To locate a site in Australia, use the SiteFinder interactive map, available from Broadcast Australia, a BAI Communications company.

Fibre services

Our high capacity fibre optic networks run along the transit systems of large metropolitan areas in North America – New York City, Toronto and Boston (NB. Boston network is currently under build).

In these locations, we can provide connectivity options using our fibre optic networks. These include carrier-class high-speed Ethernet; Wavelength (Wave Division Multiplexing) transport for high bandwidth applications; Internet connectivity; and Dark Fibre services – today’s preferred option for capacity, control and security.

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New York City fibre map

Our fibre network in New York City runs through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx, aligned to the New York Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) subway system, and is operated by Transit Wireless, a majority-owned BAI Communications company.
View the map. (NB. Map not to scale)

Toronto fibre map

Our fibre network in Toronto runs along sections of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) subway system.
View the map. (NB. Map not to scale)

Australia tower network

Locate the 385+ towers available for colocation across Australia via Broadcast Australia’s interactive map, SiteFinder.
Broadcast Australia is a BAI Communications company.

of fibre optic network across North America’s largest metros

towers across Australia


of Australia covered

Fibre capabilities

Ethernet Services

Fibre Ethernet services are ideal for multi-location businesses with large bandwidth requirements – such as trading firms, video serving or hospitals.

• Point-to-point, point-to-multi, multi-to-multi configurations
• Connect LANs within transit hubs
• Add locations, scale bandwidth quickly, support VoIP and video services, from a single interface

Internet Services

In today’s data hungry world, fibre’s low latency, high speed, and on-demand scalability, makes it the preferred alternative to DSL and cable.

• Secure, upgradeable solutions enable seamless Web site and application access
• Simplified network architecture increases network reliability
• Lateral diversity option provides an additional fibre pair on a separate physical path

Wavelength Service

Also knows as Wave Division Multiplex (WDM) Transport, it provides organisations with the benefit of a dedicated secure private network, and less reliance on in-house expertise.

Available with
• 1G, 2.5G, 10G, 40G or 100G
• LAN PHY and WAN PHY options
• The ability to specify protocols and security measures
• Option to stipulate A-Z path
• Flexible network topologies, single or multiple waves
• Single point of accountability

Dark Fibre

Provides organisations with their own private managed enterprise network, through the unrestricted use of dedicated strands of our fibre optic network.

• Unrestricted access to unlimited bandwidth
• Cost-effective pricing for long-term savings
• Efficient network management
• Flexible agreement options
• Network diversity and redundancy