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Digital media

As one of Australia’s leading solutions providers to the online and digital media industry, we specialise in the provision of mission critical, high transaction websites, complex web hosting, social media monitoring and analysis, and the management of digital campaigns.

Social media

Our suite of tools provides a control desk for social media teams so they can monitor all social media channels, focusing resources where they are required most. We monitor clients’ technical environments and the user experience, helping businesses understand and improve their digital presence.


Our demonstrated expertise in working with e-commerce platforms such as Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Systems and Video Management Systems guarantees successful digital performance.

Digital roadies

For on-the-go viewing, we provide technical and digital support for everything from live concerts to sporting events, enabling video on demand. We are digital roadies.

Smooth running

Behind the scenes, we provide an uninterrupted experience for clients’ customers. Our Customer Management Centre provides 24/7 support, keeping our customers businesses online and connected with the consumer.

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For more information regarding our online & digital capability, visit the Hostworks website.

Live sport streaming

A major commercial broadcaster came to us with a challenge: 5 sports, 10 events, 40 days of sport. They needed iOS and Android apps, a website and all the streaming and delivery infrastructure to support multi-bitrate high quality streaming across all events.

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Australia’s science channel

The Royal Institute for Australia (RiAus) came to us to help them deliver science based content to students around Australia.

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We manage in excess of 7 million unique IP addresses daily


Infinite capacity

Management view

Online & Digital services

Digital campaign management

A range of analytical and social tools designed to help businesses understand and therefore improve their digital presence.

Hosting services

A scalable, fully flexible digital managed hosting and operations service.

Application development & management

The knowledge to assist in the selection, deployment and management of applications.

Managing & distributing live & on-demand content

Live and on-demand video and rich media as a platform – a complete video management system – backed by a world class federated Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Consulting, design & implementation services

Access to a range of highly skilled and experienced business and technical professionals in discrete, fixed scope engagements aligned to unique business needs.