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Toronto Connectivity Outlook Report 2020

Toronto’s Connectivity Outlook Report 2020

28 October 2020

Torontonians want smart infrastructure and dependable, safe transit

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharply reduced public transport ridership in much of the world. For operators, rebuilding public trust in its safety is a paramount concern. At the same time, many governments are looking at infrastructure projects to kick-start their economies.

In the second benchmarking report, BAI Communications asked more than 2,400 transit riders in five global cities (Toronto, New York City, Hong Kong, London and Sydney) how they saw the state of transport, smart infrastructure and its role in their communities’ future. This localized report identifies key connectivity priorities for Toronto commuters.

In 2019, we saw that Toronto transit riders had high expectations of their city and its transport systems. They wanted connectivity and innovation to be part of their day-to-day travel experience. In 2020, those expectations remained, with reliable underground connectivity and tailored information services given high priority.

Key themes

  • Smart infrastructure: Advanced network infrastructure is the key to a smart city.
  • Passenger experience: Data-driven services make transportation safer, smarter and more efficient.
  • Personalized information: Connectivity gives citizens control over their time, their work and their well-being.

Key findings

  • 82% of Torontonians expect their transit networks to be safe (the highest compared to their global peers).
  • 88% indicated they would like to benefit from an ‘evolved’ transit network with connectivity, data and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • 92% of transit riders identified that they would be at least somewhat comfortable with receiving tailored alerts.

Download the Toronto report here.

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