BAI SMART transit platform

Transit authorities are leveraging smart solutions to optimise operations and improve the passenger experience

From sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) to data analytics and process automation, ‘smart’ now encompasses a wide range of transformative technologies, integrated systems and enhanced analytics. These smart technologies can make systems, processes, infrastructure and services leaner, more efficient and better performing than ever before.

What is 'smart transit'?

Improved safety

Enhance passenger and staff safety throughout the transit system. Prevent overcrowding and optimise passenger flows by leveraging 
real-time intelligence.

Seamless connectivity

Gain a holistic view of vehicle and station conditions, identifying potential issues before they cause costly downtime. Provide ubiquitous connectivity for passengers and staff ensuring they are connected wherever 
they are in the system.


Encourage transit ridership by
modernising the commuter experience, helping to reduce
carbon footprint, and boosting environmental performance.

Cost effective

Eliminate the need 
for various, costly,
and hard to manage equipment by leveraging a single, converged network, designed to support multiple applications at once. Easily integrate new applications as required.

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Customer story

BAI TfL case study feature image - main

Creating the next generation connected city in London

BAI is partnering with Transport for London (TfL), to transform one of the world’s oldest underground transport networks into a world leading mobile connected system.

Over 200 km of dense underground fibre will run through the London Underground, providing a critical backbone of connectivity throughout the ground.

Next generation onboard solutions

As a leading neutral host provider, we deliver solutions designed for operational adaptability, easily accommodating multiple applications on a single network.
Our onboard SMART transit platform has been architected to be multi-use, with opportunities to custom build and retrofit for the current and future needs of your system.

In 2019, BAI underwent a validated design exercise with technology partner, Cisco, to demonstrate the delivery of our high-speed, high-capacity and low-latency onboard connectivity.

To explore our standard solution architecture for onboard transport
connectivity, download the brochure.

150 km

750 Mbps

of real world track testing

Aggregate speeds validated 


A smart platform for smarter transit

A smart platform for smart transit

Our virtualised network is a converged platform that’s fast, flexible and future-ready — eliminating the need for patchwork solutions, parallel networks and redundant equipment. The platform enables transit authorities to better manage on-the-ground conditions, strengthening public safety, enhancing the ridership experience, and boosting operational efficiencies.

BAI’s SMART transit solution delivers tangible savings by eliminating the need for bespoke equipment across various departments, reducing operational costs and accelerating application deployments. 
Learn more about the benefits of a connected transit experience. 

More about smart transit

A smart transit experience

We have developed a single transit communications platform that’s fast, flexible and future-ready.

Transit of the future

Take a tour of the ‘transit of the future’.

Station of the future

Take a walk through our ‘station of the future’.