Transit authorities are leveraging smart solutions to optimize operations and improve the passenger experience

From sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) to data analytics and process automation, ‘smart’ now encompasses a wide range of transformative technologies, integrated systems and enhanced analytics. These smart technologies can make systems, processes, infrastructure and services leaner, more efficient and better performing than ever before.

What is 'smart transit'?

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Improved safety

Enhance passenger and staff safety throughout the transit system. Prevent overcrowding and optimize passenger flows by leveraging real-time intelligence.
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Seamless connectivity

Gain a holistic view of vehicle and station conditions, identifying potential issues before they cause costly downtime. Provide ubiquitous connectivity for passengers and staff ensuring they are connected no matter where they are in the system.

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Encourage transit ridership by modernizing the commuter experience, helping to reduce carbon footprint, and boosting environmental performance.
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Cost effective

Eliminate the need for various, costly, and hard to manage equipment by leveraging a single, converged network, designed to support multiple applications at once. Easily integrate new applications as required.

A smart platform for smarter transit

Our virtualized network is a converged platform that’s fast, flexible and future-ready — eliminating the need for patchwork solutions, parallel networks and redundant equipment. The platform enables transit authorities to better manage on-the-ground conditions, strengthening public safety, enhancing the ridership experience, and boosting operational efficiencies.

BAI’s SMART transit platform enables high performance and robust connectivity for transit authorities, modernizing and optimizing operational and commuter solutions while keeping costs under control. Our multi-use network delivers tangible savings by eliminating the need for bespoke equipment across various departments, reducing operational costs and accelerating application deployments.

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Enabling a smart transit experience

We have developed a single transit communications platform that’s fast, flexible and future-ready.
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