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Thinking beyond infrastructure: What’s at the heart of smart communities?

Smart communities are centres of capability equipped with advanced technologies that can solve real, human problems. So, the question for any smart community starting out is, ‘what problems do we want to solve?’ The answer will be different from one location to the next because the priorities of each community are distinct. If downtown parking […]

Public transport is central to the city of the future

It’s no secret that public transport is critical to urban mobility and environmental sustainability. As cities take steps to become smart and future-ready, many are beginning to realise the vital role public transport also plays in social equity, especially when combined with the connected technologies that underpin smart city ambitions. Public transport has vast potential […]

On track to achieving hyperconnected travel

When thinking about the future of travel, you imagine intelligent systems that make moving around more flexible, sustainable, and responsive to passenger needs. But that isn’t a far-fetched idea, customers are already expecting these smarter experiences now. With the new normal allowing more flexible hours and the ability to work from anywhere, people are on […]

Getting riders back on board

With public transport ridership falling by 80 percent or more in some parts of the world because of COVID-19, refilling trains and buses is a business imperative for transport authorities. It’s also essential to meeting cities’ long-term sustainability goals. According to BAI Communications’ connectivity outlook report, advanced networks play a big role in getting riders […]

Passenger rail: improving safety, meeting expectations

One positive milestone has been rather consistent across the globe as different regions continue their pandemic recoveries: Ridership on passenger rail systems is rising. We’ve seen evidence of this in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. For some passengers, it’s the first time in roughly two years that they’re commuting by public transportation, and they […]

Our journey to building the UK’s future workforce

This year, the UK’s National Apprenticeship Week is centred around the theme ‘build the future’ and celebrates the role apprenticeships play in equipping the future workforce with the skills needed to thrive in their careers. Recent data from the Department of Education shows that the number of people starting apprenticeships is recovering to pre-Covid levels. […]

World Cities Day 2021: Laying the foundations for smart and sustainable communities

This blog is part of our series for World Cities Day 2021 — sharing perspectives from major centres around the world on how connected infrastructure is making cities smarter, more resilient, and more sustainable. Climate resilience is one of the most important issues of our time, and communications networks can play a key role in […]

Why neutral hosting is the key to smart communities

Building the right infrastructure platform is an essential first step for any town or city looking to deploy smart community applications. Beyond laying down fibre and putting up cell towers, it’s about forging stronger, more collaborative relationships between municipalities and connectivity providers. Shifting from proprietary network ownership to neutral network hosting is a key piece […]

5G technology sows the seeds for flourishing smart cities

Being connected has become one of our greatest dependencies over the past year as we anticipate and start to rebuild our lives in a post-COVID world. As a result, 5G has come to be viewed by more and more private and public enterprises as the key enabler for recovery and growth across all industries, as […]