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Justin Berger speaks with TickerTV about the Connectivity outlook report

What does the future of network infrastructure look like? Justin Berger, Chief Strategy Officer, BAI Communications, speaks with TickerTV about connectivity, smart city applications and the findings of the Connectivity outlook report 2020. Watch the interview here:

Sydney’s Connectivity Outlook Report 2020

City of Sydney: smart infrastructure on the agenda The COVID-19 pandemic has sharply reduced public transport ridership in much of the world. For operators, rebuilding public trust in its safety is a paramount concern. At the same time, many governments are looking at infrastructure projects to kick-start their economies. In the second benchmarking report, BAI […]

Neutral host networks for rail systems and smart cities

Urban rail networks – both above-ground commuter rail and underground railway systems like the New York City Subway – increasingly need to have reliable cellular coverage, with adequate and growing capacity. Passengers and staff need dependable access to all major public mobile network operators (MNOs), plus in some cases private cellular networks as well. I […]

Charting a course for COVID-19 public transit recovery

Across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a waterfall of impacts including social/economic disruption, loss of life, and lifestyle shifts (e.g., telecommuting, e-commerce, homeschooling, etc.). The pandemic has led to dramatic effects on transportation and public transit use. Virus transmission concerns have reduced ridership and farebox revenues, along with routes and scheduling. Public transit […]