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BAI Communications keeps emergency services connected in New South Wales, Australia

Keeping the Government Radio Network (GRN) accessible at all times is a big task, one that the NSW Telco Authority (responsible for the overall coordination of radio telecommunication services for the NSW Government) has entrusted to BAI. In August 2013, BAI took over the operations and maintenance of the GRN, which is based on the […]

Customer testimonial video – Graham Tait, Fire & Rescue NSW, Australia

Graham Tait ASFM is the Systems Officer, Operational Communications at Fire & Rescue NSW (one of the main agencies on the NSWGRN) and is also the Chairman of the NSWGRN User Group. In this video Graham shares his positive testament to the work of BAI’s Critical Comms team, and readily states that the network has never run as well as it does today thanks to hard work of the team at BAI.