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How connected venues deliver smart city goals

Venues bring people together, creating shared experiences and life moments for tens of thousands of fans. With the roll-out of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, smart applications and other technologies, connectivity is not only creating unparalleled fan experiences, it is now a key efficiency driver in venues around the globe. Facility managers and other […]

The importance of connected transport in building smart cities

The use of digital technologies in the public transport sector is gaining traction worldwide. This includes high-capacity transit communication networks that enable connected vehicles, smart stations, and digitised, data-driven transit operations. These networks support intelligent applications that can make public transport more efficient, affordable, and safe, for both operators and passengers. With authorities eager to […]

How connected communities enable smart cities

Ubiquitous connectivity using 5G infrastructure and smart technology can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of our daily lives. Smart communities are the building blocks of smart cities. These communities use state-of-the-art digital technology, combined with real-time data and analytics, to create smarter, more intuitive infrastructure and to make these spaces better places to work, […]

BAI acquires ZenFi Networks, sharpens focus on convergent Wi-Fi & mobile infrastructure

With BAI Communications recently acquiring US-based infrastructure providers ZenFi Networks and Mobilitie, the company is sharpening its focus on delivering neutral-host private networks including convergent mobile & Wi-Fi infrastructure for large venues. Wireless networks for city transit including Wi-Fi on trains are other key growth areas, says BAI’s Group Chief Technology Officer, Brendan O’Reilly. Last month Australia-based BAI Communications acquired ZenFi […]

Reimagining communities as testbeds for the future

Communities that are free to experiment with connectivity and digitalisation can solve complex challenges — and generate valuable lessons for other municipalities in the process. Cities have been centres of innovation and invention since human beings first began building them. Unlike states and nations, cities have a direct connection to the realities of daily life […]

Building the smart cities of the future

More than half of the global population lives in urban areas. By 2050, it will be more than two-thirds, according to the United Nations. Urban living on this scale naturally brings social, environmental, and economic challenges that impact citizens’ quality of life. However, with smart city technology, we can build communities and cities that are […]

BAI Communications, Sunderland City Council and the University of Sunderland partner to develop one of the UK’s first 5G Universities

BAI Communications (BAI), Sunderland City Council and the University of Sunderland have today announced a new partnership to deploy advanced wireless technologies across the university’s campuses as part of the smart city roll out, supporting research in key areas, enhancing teaching, and improving the student experience. A 5G test lab will be developed on the […]

Expanding into continental Europe with BAI Italia brings new neutral-host options to Italy

Earlier this year, BAI Communications (BAI) began their expansion into mainland Europe with the launch of BAI Italia. The Italian business is helmed by a team with deep knowledge of the local market and a proven record of success, backed by BAI’s resources and broader global market experience. As a result, the Italian business has […]

BAI Communications accelerates US growth with agreement to acquire digital infrastructure provider ZenFi Networks

BAI Communications (BAI), a global shared communications infrastructure provider, has agreed to acquire ZenFi Networks, an East coast based provider of digital infrastructure solutions and innovator in small cell deployment, offload & roaming services, fibre connectivity and network edge colocation. This agreement represents a significant growth opportunity for BAI in North America, building upon its […]