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It’s time to share: ‘performance management’ for telecommunications infrastructure and networks

Welcome to the next instalment of It’s time to share, a discussion about transitioning networks from fully owned by mobile network operators (MNOs) and broadcasters to using shared infrastructure. This article focuses on the ongoing performance benefits and intrinsic efficiencies gained by using shared infrastructure. Service assurance and high levels of network availability are key […]

It’s time to share: the case for shared infrastructure networks

The approach to shared communications infrastructure owned and operated by a neutral host has different levels of maturity around the globe. A neutral host strategy ensures the right balance between investing in technology and ensuring stability of core network components for customers, writes BAI Australia’s General Manager, Service Delivery, Nathan Cornish. Welcome to the first […]

Three trends shaping the broadcast and telecommunications industry

Digital technology continues to transform the landscape of the broadcast and telecommunications industry. This trend isn’t a recent phenomenon and instead has very much been part of the sector historically. However, it is the rate of change that is significant, and this won’t slow down anytime soon. These changes in the broadcast and telecommunications industry […]