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Building smart cities, one community at a time

This blog is the first in a series exploring the themes uncovered in our 2022 Smart communities report: The building blocks of smarter, more connected communities. The term ‘smart city’ often conjures up visions of sci-fi landscapes full of futuristic technology that seem far removed from our current reality. But in fact, smart cities are […]

Smart communities | Episode eight: Connectivity and smart manufacturing

Smart communities podcast Episode eight: Connectivity and smart manufacturing In this episode, BAI Communication’s Shaun Newton, Head of Design and Presales is joined by Dr. Stuart Smith, Research and Engagement Manager at Bondi Labs. Stuart and Shaun share how BAI and Bondi Labs work collaboratively in an innovative 5G trial for the Australian meat processing […]

Sunderland wastes no time trialling smart bins

Solar-powered ‘smart compactor bins’ are some of the latest innovations being successfully piloted in Sunderland, thanks to its leading digital expertise and growing smart city infrastructure developed in partnership with BAI Communications. The trial period, during which a number of smart bins were installed across the city, has been in place across the summer and […]

BAI Communications research reveals strong industry support for smart communities and the need for greater public-private collaboration to build them

BAI Communications (BAI), a global shared communications infrastructure provider, today published a new report revealing organisations’ support for building smart communities is high but upgrading the network infrastructure necessary to enable them is a key challenge. The report titled: The building blocks of smarter, more connected communities: Smart communities report 2022 also reveals collaboration between […]