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Smart communities and how they’re changing the world – Q&A with Brendan O’Reilly

Smart communities and smart cities are set to deliver a number of benefits, including environmental sustainability, reducing the digital divide, and improving people’s lives with smarter, personalized and more intuitive services and experiences. But making them work involves a good deal of technology such as 5G, small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS), as well […]

Addressing the rural digital divide

The wide-open roads of Australia are a gateway to the vast expanse of the country’s natural beauty. But as regional communities know all too well; this big country abounds with connectivity black spots. Solving geographic challenges facing telecommunications provides a roadmap not only for the development of smart communities in Australia, but for rural or […]

Sharing network ownership doesn’t mean giving up control

It didn’t come as a big surprise that a substantial majority of respondents to BAI’s recent research on smart communities considered themselves innovators or early adopters at the forefront of new technology. It was a little more surprising to compare those responses to actual technology adoption: only 25% are using 5G networks and just 9% […]

Putting connectivity at the heart of smart communities

Enabling smarter cities and connected communities has been a major focus of the mobile industry in recent years. 5G has the potential to deliver the solutions and services that citizens and authorities desire. To make it happen, there needs to be a concerted effort for greater collaboration between the public and private sectors. Mobile World […]

Join Charles O’Reilly at the LGA Annual Conference

The biggest conference in the UK local government calendar will be an opportunity for delegates to participate in a wide-ranging programme focusing on the issues that matter most to their local communities. With a vibrant mix of large plenary sessions, parallel plenary sessions, workshops and fringe events, this is a must-attend event for senior representatives […]

The smart approach to smart lighting

Citywide lighting infrastructure gives cities and mobile network operators (MNOs) a wealth of opportunities to improve urban connectivity and build smarter communities. To seize these opportunities, it takes clear vision, good planning, and the right partnership approach. Connectivity is critical to virtually every aspect of life and business today. However, most cities’ telecommunications infrastructure isn’t […]

Using smart lighting to ’switch on‘ smart communities

Lighting grid infrastructure is ubiquitous throughout most major cities, so it is no surprise that streetlamps offer an incredible opportunity as smart assets. Not only as a tool for municipalities to introduce energy efficient, sustainable lighting or Internet of Things (IoT) devices; but also as a channel for mobile network operators (MNOs) to extend their […]

‘Connected with Laurie’ podcast interview with BAI Communications Group CTO Brendan O’Reilly

How an innovative company plans to expand smart communities across the globe Hear from Brendan O’Reilly, Group Chief Technology Officer of BAI Communications, as he joins host Laurie Caruso for a discussion about the global view of technology, future of transportation, and smart communities. Listen here: