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Experienced board executive Jan Babiak joins BAI Communications Board of Directors

BAI Communications (BAI), a world leader in shared communications infrastructure, announced that Jan Babiak, a seasoned executive with decades of experience in board roles, is joining BAI’s Board as Audit and Risk Committee Chair and non-executive director. She takes over from Bart Vogel who has been on BAI’s Board for the past seven years, and […]

ZenFi Networks Shortlisted Twice for Wi-Fi NOW Awards

The Wi-Fi NOW Awards recognizes ZenFi for both Affordable Connectivity and Best Wi-Fi Service Provider ZenFi Networks, a BAI Communications Company, an innovative leader of digital infrastructure solutions in the New York and New Jersey metro region, announces today that the company has been shortlisted for both the “Affordable Connectivity” and “Best Wi-Fi Service Provider” […]

ZenFi partners up to open new Queens Gigabit Center in New York to help bridge the digital divide

Currently, two-in-five New York City households lack either a home broadband connection or mobile broadband through cell service. In Queens, 22% of households do not have a home broadband internet connection.   New York City Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Matthew Fraser today joined LinkNYC CEO Nick Colvin and NYC Department for the Aging Commissioner Lorraine […]

Sharing network ownership doesn’t mean giving up control

It didn’t come as a big surprise that a substantial majority of respondents to BAI’s recent research on smart communities considered themselves innovators or early adopters at the forefront of new technology. It was a little more surprising to compare those responses to actual technology adoption: only 25% are using 5G networks and just 9% […]

‘It makes perfect sense:’ BAI, ZenFi CEOs discuss the recent acquisition

BAI and ZenFi plan to connect their diverse assets into a ‘homogenized’ portfolio offering for mobile operators BAI Communications recently announced the close of its acquisition of ZenFi Networks, which means that the former has obtained the latter’s portfolio of assets, including over 1,100 route miles of fiber network throughout the New York and New […]

Insights from Jamie Hayes, Managing Director – Streetscape, Fibre & Private Networks at BAI UK

This month’s insights from our leaders around the world comes from Jamie Hayes, Managing Director – Streetscape, Fibre & Private Networks at BAI UK. Before joining BAI, Jamie worked for BT, where he was responsible for BT’s Enterprise Wholesale business towards all mobile network operators. Prior to this, he held roles in Transformation and Sales […]

Hyperconnected London | How London’s boroughs can enable great digital connectivity

In a cost of living crisis, how can cities like London help their residents access jobs and drive growth? And how can we make sure that the most vulnerable have the connectivity they need to access education, public services and other opportunities? In June 2021, BAI Communications entered a historic £1bn investment partnership with Transport […]

BAI Communications closes acquisition of ZenFi Networks, further accelerating growth in the US market

BAI Communications (BAI) today announced the close of its acquisition of ZenFi Networks (ZenFi), a US East coast-based provider of digital infrastructure solutions and innovator in small cell deployment, offload & roaming services, fibre connectivity, and network edge colocation. ZenFi now becomes a BAI Group company, alongside Mobilitie and Transit Wireless in the United States, […]

Rethinking infrastructure to build smarter communities

Many people in the workforce today have never known anything other than exclusively digital workplaces. Connectivity permeates every aspect of our personal and professional lives; and advances in computing technology have given us the ability to access the digital world from anywhere. Smart communities are a natural extension of this technological evolution, and they depend […]

Industry expert Jay Walder joins BAI Communications Board of Directors

BAI Communications (BAI), a leading global communications infrastructure provider, announced the appointment of Jay Walder as a new non-executive director of BAI’s Board. Mr. Walder brings with him more than 35 years of a distinguished international career and unparalleled experience working in transport, property and infrastructure in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, […]