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Expanding into continental Europe with BAI Italia brings new neutral-host options to Italy

Earlier this year, BAI Communications (BAI) began their expansion into mainland Europe with the launch of BAI Italia. The Italian business is helmed by a team with deep knowledge of the local market and a proven record of success, backed by BAI’s resources and broader global market experience. As a result, the Italian business has […]

BAI Communications accelerates US growth with agreement to acquire digital infrastructure provider ZenFi Networks

BAI Communications (BAI), a global shared communications infrastructure provider, has agreed to acquire ZenFi Networks, an East coast based provider of digital infrastructure solutions and innovator in small cell deployment, offload & roaming services, fibre connectivity and network edge colocation. This agreement represents a significant growth opportunity for BAI in North America, building upon its […]

Smart communities | Episode seven: Building the UK’s most advanced smart city – part 2

Smart communities podcast Episode seven: Building the UK’s most advanced smart city – part 2 Welcome to the seventh episode of BAI Communications’ smart communities podcast, where we speak with business leaders and industry experts to ask them what the future holds for connectivity. In the second part of this two-part episode, we re-join the […]

Smart communities | Episode nine (special edition): exploring smart communities research

Smart communities podcast Episode nine (special edition): exploring smart communities research In this episode, Martha DeGrasse, a renowned US journalist and content producer discuss the findings of BAI’s 2022 Smart Communities Report through a fireside chat with Brendan O’Reilly, Group Chief Technology Officer at BAI. Martha DeGrasse is well known for her contributions to several […]

Customers of all major networks set to have access to high-speed mobile coverage across London Tube network

Access to high-speed mobile connectivity on the Tube has taken another major step forward today, with Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 joining BAI Communications’ (BAI) network, Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London confirmed today. Customers of all four mobile network operators – Three, EE, Vodafone and Virgin Media O2 – will be able to access high-speed 4G […]

All aboard the 5G ride: How Mobilitie brings next-generation connectivity to millions of Sound Transit commuters

With pandemic restrictions easing and offices reopening, transit ridership recovery is well underway. And now, more than ever, passengers expect ubiquitous connectivity to stay connected throughout their journey. In fact, according to our Connectivity Outlook report, 91% of passengers think seamless mobile coverage above and below ground should be a feature of all world-class cities. […]

All aboard: Connected fleets are coming, and passenger Wi-Fi is just the beginning

As part of his role as Head of Product, Solutions and Innovation, Chris Burchett oversees BAI’s connected transit product strategy, including the development of our next generation connected transport solutions. As part of our ‘World of connectivity – in celebration of World Wi-Fi Day’ series, we asked Chris to tell us more about bringing connectivity […]

Celebrating World Wi-Fi Day – connecting Sunderland

In celebration of World Wi-Fi Day – an initiative to recognise the incredible role Wi-Fi plays in connecting people and things – we wanted to highlight the exciting work we’re doing in Sunderland in partnership with Sunderland City Council to dramatically improve Wi-Fi access across the city. There are still many people in Sunderland who […]

A world of connectivity – celebrating World Wi-Fi Day

Monday 20 June marks ‘World Wi-Fi Day’, a unique worldwide initiative organised by Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) under the leadership of Connected Community Forum. It is a celebration and acknowledgement of the great contribution that Wi-Fi brings to our daily lives, and a charter to ‘connect the unconnected’. Wi-Fi is a crucial communication platform that […]

Thinking beyond infrastructure: What’s at the heart of smart communities?

Smart communities are centres of capability equipped with advanced technologies that can solve real, human problems. So, the question for any smart community starting out is, ‘what problems do we want to solve?’ The answer will be different from one location to the next because the priorities of each community are distinct. If downtown parking […]