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‘Building the perfect 5G network’ – BAI’s Group CEO speaks with Mobile World Live

19 November 2020

Igor Leprince, Group CEO, BAI Communications, discusses with Mobile World Live’s Justin Springham the emerging role of neutral host communications networks in enabling next generation connectivity solutions for mobile network operators (MNO’s) in the new era of 5G.

This interview took place in conjunction with Mobile World Live’s Themed Week series, as part of ‘Building the perfect 5G network’.

In the video, Igor and Justin discuss:

  • Why is now a critical time for MNOs to invest in next-generation connectivity infrastructure?
  • Why is the neutral host model a better fit for MNOs than traditional models when it comes to providing 5G to their customers?
  • BAI has a strong business providing mobile infrastructure in underground transit environments in New York, Toronto, Hong Kong. What are some of the biggest challenges of introducing 5G infrastructure across rapid transport networks?
  • What is the potential of 5G in transforming travel experiences for commuters and transit operators? What are some of the use cases for 5G?

Watch the interview here:

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