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We are a global infrastructure owner and operator.

We design, build and operate high quality, robust communications networks around the world – Wi-Fi, cellular, television and radio broadcasting.

Delivering innovative solutions globally

People everywhere want to and expect to stay in touch. Around the clock and around the world, BAI Communications is helping them do just that. We design, build and operate highly available communications networks – broadcast, radio, cellular, Wi-Fi- which are keeping people connected, with information, entertainment and each other, every hour of every day. Learn more about us.

Delivering innovative solutions globally
team bai

Team bai

Every day, our teams are keeping people connected with information, entertainment and each other – even in the most challenging environments. Meet the team at Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications majority-owned company, who brought cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to the New York City subway two years ahead of schedule.

This video is the second instalment in the Team BAI video series, shining a spotlight on our people from around the globe. Learn more about our people.

I am bai

In every part of the BAI Communications business, our people work behind the scenes to make exciting things happen, whether it’s bringing communications services to Australian households and businesses or to the subways of Toronto, Hong Kong and New York. We are made up of a talented group of individuals who are bringing the connection to our world. We asked a group of BAI Communications employees from various corners of the business to tell us a bit about what they do and what makes them BAI.

I am bai

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The rapidly growing Toronto Region is home to 7.8 million people and as well as being the economic engine of both Ontario and Canada, has gained a strong reputation for digital and tech excellence. And at the heart of this development has been the modernisation of the city’s transport network – which includes the delivery of Wi-Fi and cellular services to the TTC subway system.

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The global drive for connectivity

In cities across the globe, wireless connectivity is driving the trend towards a transit experience that’s smart, safe, fun and fluid. In Singapore, Wi-Fi data is being used to monitor and improve passenger flow. In Seoul, free Wi-Fi is available across the entire city, streamlining every experience from catching a train to parking a car. Now it’s Toronto’s turn.

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