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As the world undergoes rapid digital transformation, enterprises and venues are considering how best to leverage the productivity gains that 5G is offering, through internet of things (IoT) applications, enhanced automation, advanced analytics, and private networking.

To help them embrace these opportunities, BAI has developed a range of pioneering connectivity solutions that enable customers to advance their networks more efficiently, accelerate innovation more quickly, and improve their competitive edge.


Next-gen neutral hosting for enterprise and venues.

A neutral host network from BAI allows customers to improve coverage, increase capacity and retain control over wireless usage, without any large, upfront infrastructure costs. That’s a powerful proposition for forward-looking enterprises and venues.

Our pioneering neutral host solutions help customers accelerate 5G deployment, providing the reliable, low-latency connectivity they need. This in turn allows them to increase automation, accelerate innovation, and achieve new levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Our acquisition of Mobilite, a leading neutral host provider in the US, has extended our neutral host capabilities still further. The Mobilitie footprint extends to more than 250 venues, 10,000 small cells and 300 towers nationwide.

Our large-scale connectivity platforms are engineered to excel in the most demanding data environments, comprising fibre, DAS, small cell networks, and Wi-Fi technology.

On top of their network performance, neutral host networks are also cost-effective to install and efficient to operate. This provides enterprises and venues with significant financial incentives, including lower capital expenditure. This is why a growing number of enterprise and venue customers are turning to us for innovative, tailored solutions.

To explore the many benefits a neutral host solution can bring, get in touch with us for a conversation today.


"5G's transformative capability is powering the most advanced technological applications and fastest developments we've ever seen, resulting in integrated technology layers being formed and further defining digital strategy for enterprise.”

Brendan O'Reilly

Group CTO
BAI Communications

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