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When you join BAI you become part of an inclusive culture where diverse ideas are embraced and people feel connected and cared for. We embrace inclusion and commit to diversity, as it enriches our conversations, challenges the way we work and enhances the solutions we deliver to our customers.

Being close to our teams, our leaders are accessible and respectful of everyone’s ideas. They encourage us to share and learn through conversations that are honest, robust and constructive. Enjoy collaborating alongside determined, customer-focused and caring colleagues. We support an open and rewarding culture where respect, humility and teamwork are highly valued.

Meet our people
Kathy Chung, Service Delivery Program Manager, Australia, Profile Pic

Kathy Chung

Portfolio Director

"I am navigating challenges by being resourceful alongside an amazing team where everything is possible."
Kathy Chung, Service Delivery Program Manager, Australia, Profile banner

Kathy Chung

Working here, I have come to realise that with the right planning and people, nothing is impossible.

As an example, in 2016, we were set an ambitious 2 year project. The objective was to improve Digital TV services and launch Digital Radio in Hobart, Tasmania. To achieve this we needed to replace antennas at a transmission site at Mt Wellington.

Approaching the task, it was assumed that we would need two antennas; one for Digital TV and one for Radio. Upon removing the old Analogue antenna and interlaced DTV/FM antenna it became apparent that we actually only had enough space on the structure for a single one, not a pair. An added challenge was that the installation needed to proceed in a World Heritage Park. Under no circumstances could waste be allowed to impact the area. Also the weather conditions experienced were often extreme and included snow and high winds. It was a highly complex task, filled with many difficult challenges. To add one further complexity, some structural maintenance was also needed to be carried out. This included work on two separate tuned liquid dampers that were perched at great heights (110m and 130m). Such a task had never been done by BAI before.

To solve the lack of antenna space issue, a specially fabricated, single interlaced antenna for Digital TV and Radio was created after an exhaustive design process. To manage the high winds and conditions, detailed planning was put in place. This included moving in a 33m high guyed antenna as a temporary measure to keep transmissions running for Hobart while new works were undertaken. On the dampers. which needed maintenance, 3,600 litres of liquid was safely drained and refilled. That was completed without any spillage or impact on the Heritage park. The project itself was delivered ahead of schedule and below budget. Our customer was thrilled.

To be a part of this project with its combination of engineering disciplines and see it to its completion, demonstrated just how much passion, pride, strength and can-do attitude we all have. Since then I’ve been involved in a separate antenna replacement project in Queensland at our Brandon Transmission site. There, a 198m tall MF mast (built in 1959) was replaced with a 236m tall mast. Again, an incredible project, completed by an amazing team.

Rachael Williams

Rachael Williams

Head of Business Development

"It is an exciting time to be joining the Australian business as we accelerate our telco growth strategy and pursue new business verticals which leverage our experience and capabilities in overseas markets."

Rachael Williams

BAI has proven to me that it’s amazing what you can achieve with a modest team of smart, dedicated, and collaborative people. From keeping customers TV and Radio services on air during times of emergency, creating innovative commercial models to solve customer problems, supporting charity events, and hosting themed workplaces lunches, I’ve seen this in action many times. We have a great team spirit and, when there is a challenge to be overcome, everyone pulls together to problem-solve and achieve the end result. The people at BAI make it a great place to work and build friendships along the way.

Working in the Business Development space, each opportunity is unique, which means we are constantly learning, and no two days are the same. Joining BAI, I had very little understanding of the technology behind broadcast and communications systems, so it has been a huge and ongoing learning curve. Our engineers and technical SME’s have been an amazing support to me throughout my different roles and they are integral to the deals that we do. It’s ok to not always know the answer, as long as you know who to ask! I appreciate the opportunity to work with diverse customer groups, industries and technologies and get involved in all aspects of business development, from customer relationship building, market analysis, developing bids and proposals, and assessing contracts and commercials.

It is an exciting time to be joining the Australian business as we accelerate our telco growth strategy and pursue new business verticals which leverage our experience and capabilities in overseas markets. At the end of the day, our mission is all about keeping communities and people connected and in today’s world this is more and more essential, however it’s a challenge to achieve. BAI is designing innovative and creative solutions, both technically and commercially, to meet the needs of people, cities, and businesses today whilst also looking ahead to the future. It’s rewarding to be part of a team that is supportive of developing long term partnerships with our customers so we can go on a journey to solve these problems together.

David Sun, Service Operations Manager, Australia, Profile Pic

David Sun

Service Operations Manager

"Through coaching and care my team are empowered to do what matters in a collaborative workplace. "
David Sun, Service Operations Manager, Australia, Profile banner

David Sun

I have a strong work ethic, which comes from my upbringing and my parent’s values. They came to Australia in 1989 during tough economic times. As a result I came to understand what it meant to earn your keep. It’s a tough world out there, and it’s not easy to find a place that cares for your well-being. But BAI certainly does.


I’ve worked across a lot of different areas in my career. As a sound engineer previously, and then as a Network Operator, in Customer Liaison and now in Service Operations at BAI. Having had various roles I now really appreciate the fact that managers can have a real impact on enabling positivity. For example, while studying, I completed an engineering degree and was then offered a scholarship to pursue a doctorate. It was an incredible opportunity, the kind you don’t pass up. At the time I had a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the area. Not long into my studies, I began to experience challenges with my University’s PHD supervisor, who was technically brilliant, but lacked people skills. When he got stressed he would distrust those around him, lack patience and show aggression. Unfortunately I couldn’t swap supervisors and while this negativity took a toll on my research, I was able to successfully complete my PHD.


As a result, this experience left a deep impression on me. I learnt from those interactions and apply positivity to my current role as a people manager at BAI. I believe the hallmark of a good manager is one that identifies talents and qualities in your team to bring out their best. I strive to be an enabler of collaborative and constructive working environments. With my team I ensure they feel supported to do what matters for our customers, colleagues and themselves. This core belief has seen me introduce a number of initiatives to encourage care and coaching within my team. This includes ensuring team leaders feel more empowered, while encouraging better communication. That way problems can be solved team-wide.


If I could sum up BAI – it’s like a family. We are inclusive. People’s skills and opinions are valued, and we work together to reach our goals. There’s a fun aspect, but the people around you will also support you to take your abilities to the next level. That’s because here, we’re in it for everyone, not just ourselves.


Shaun Newton

Head of Design and Presales

"Working with BAI I have had the opportunity to visit a lot of our international offices to see their deployments and meet the teams."

Shaun Newton

Growing up in a regional part of Australia, I spent a lot of time in my younger years travelling long distances around Queensland.  Now that I work for BAI, I love being given the opportunity to travel to new parts of the country to see the amazing sights as well as meet some of the amazing people.

Working with BAI I have also had the opportunity to visit a lot of our international offices to see their deployments and meet the teams.  As part of my role, I regularly work with our counterparts in the UK, US, and Hong Kong.

My role at BAI is leading the development of new Telco products within the Australian market, keeping abreast of current and emerging technologies overseas, and ensuring we continue to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for our customers in Australia.  I lead a team of solution development and pre-sales engineers to tailor our solutions to meet our specific customers’ requirement for each specific opportunity. The majority of my role is working with vendors to come up with innovative solutions for our customers.

Some of the major projects/highlights:

  • When I started with BAI I was designing DTV installations for ABC and SBS across Australia, I got to travel to some of the most remote parts of every state of Australia. I got to see so many amazing places, and meeting so many amazing people in every town I visited.  It was so rewarding when some of the local residents were so thankful for getting access to the latest “Digital Television”, technology it felt like a real privilege to be able to help people to access this latest technology and to feel connected.
  • One of my major highlights was working on infrastructure projects for Radio Australia, and learning some of our country’s history about how Australia has been broadcasting high-power radio internationally from Australia to our neighbours (including China) for over 80 years, and also getting a close-up tour of some of the original infrastructure that has been in use since world war 2 was an amazing experience.
  • Leading customer trials and solution development in several states across Australia for Emergency and Essential Services radio networks to upgrade to digital encrypted “P25” 2 way radio communications. As part of this experience is was amazing to learn about how our emergency services organisations operate, and what they experience as part of day to day life.

Working in NYC deploying Wi-Fi and Cellular coverage to all the underground subway stations.  It’s amazing that in this day and age, that New Yorkers just accepted that underground doesn’t have coverage.  It’s amazing to see the size and challenges in that environment.

Nichola Easton, Client Director, UK, Profile Pic

Nichola Easton

Client Director

"Be a part of projects that will reshape London, and beyond. It’s an energised, exciting time to join BAI."
Nichola Easton, Client Director, UK, Profile banner

Nichola Easton

I don’t think I’ve stopped learning since I joined BAI. Previously I was working with a large well-known telco, and as a result I came into my role with a very structured mindset. It took a while to adjust to a much broader way of thinking that is common here. It’s more about building towards long-term goals. I’m in business development currently and learning a great deal and gaining experience.


I’ve grown personally since joining BAI and so has the business as it spreads its wings more and more internationally. We are about to start our journey of growth in London and there’s a real sense of pride here. BAI has a heritage in engineering excellence, and it’s something that’s been honed and perfected globally. Our reputation for quality and high performing solutions that deliver digital benefits to our customers and their end-users is something we’re making a name for in the UK, just as we have overseas.


All the people here are outstanding. There’s a real, very high quality of people, who are hard-working and strive for excellence. The bar is set very high and the team work collectively to problem-solve and meet it. We recently secured a major contract win which was all-absorbing. I’m really proud of that achievement and the work that went into it, not only by me but the team. It was a very high quality bid and solution.


What’s most exciting is the organisation’s hunger and appetite to chase really big things despite us not being as well-known as other competitors. With what we put forward it’s about being entrepreneurial and looking for ways to solve problems through services and experiences that will gain interest from prospective customers and our partners.


With what I’m involved in you have to be across everything, and it’s different day-to-day. From customer engagement to propositions, as well as development of collateral and the legal and commercial factors. To be a client director here you do need commercial acumen, a customer mindset and sales motivation.


Right now I’m enjoying seeing many new people joining, and the recent bid win has energised everyone as we gain a fresh direction and grow. To someone considering working here I’d recommend it. You can carve out your own role and control your own destiny. It’s a really exciting time to join and we’re about to deliver something really, really great for London.

Jissa Valerio-Woss, Senior Finance Business Partner , TW|US-New York, Profile Pic

Jissa Valerio-Woss

Senior Finance Business Partner

"I’m constantly surprised by how engaged, friendly and welcoming people are. It’s been completely different to my banking career."
Jissa Valerio-Woss, Senior Finance Business Partner , TW|US-New York, Profile banner

Jissa Valerio-Woss

If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced environment with learning opportunities, a motivated team and good exposure to the C-suite, BAI is a great place to be. I’ve personally gained excellent experience at BAI, and not just in what you’d expect, but also at a higher level. For those joining our area, you’ll be across everything from financial modelling, to presenting to the CEO directly.


I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn. Largely because I came from a completely different industry – Corporate Investment Banking. When I joined, I didn’t know this area at all, so it has been a lot of fun learning all about it.


From top to bottom here, I’ve never heard someone say, “I can’t talk to you right now.” I’m constantly pleased and even surprised at how everyone without exception takes the time to explain in detail exactly what you need to know. I’m always reaching out due to the information I need in my role, and people are a lot more available than elsewhere I’ve worked. It’s something I absolutely love about our people. Right from the start, I was impressed by how engaged everyone is and how welcoming they can be.


This culture of working together is encouraged organization-wide and the People Department do a lot of work to ensure we have the resources we need to learn, grow and have a strong work-life balance. I’ve experienced a lot of different events and activities, many of which have positively impacted everyone. From the Wellness Expo to Community Week, right through to opportunities to attend sessions led by experts where employees can participate and share concerns around what’s happening in their communities.


My day-to-day is far from monotonous. In fact, managing time in my position is essential. For example, I could be working on the Business Performance Review and monthly financials at one point, but that can quickly change if there is an urgent update needed on one of our business cases or a request for a fast turnaround.


For me, BAI has been a great place to transfer my skills and abilities into a completely new field. Prior to joining BAI, I was looking to leave the banking industry, and the combination of communications and technology here was something that really appealed to me. It’s allowed me to progress, without sacrificing what I’ve already learned.


I have to admit, initially, when I discovered the role advertised, I had to do some research as I hadn’t heard of BAI. Then I realized, “No way! I see their signs all over the subway!” You are part of something bigger here that has an impact on our cities.