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When you join BAI you become part of an inclusive culture where diverse ideas are embraced and people feel connected and cared for. We embrace inclusion and commit to diversity, as it enriches our conversations, challenges the way we work and enhances the solutions we deliver to our customers.

Being close to our teams, our leaders are accessible and respectful of everyone’s ideas. They encourage us to share and learn through conversations that are honest, robust and constructive. Enjoy collaborating alongside determined, customer-focused and caring colleagues. We support an open and rewarding culture where respect, humility and teamwork are highly valued.

Meet our people
Ahsan Ale-Rasool, Director, Sales & Solutions Engineering, TW|US-Texas, Profile Pic

Ahsan Ale-Rasool

Director, Solutions & Sales

"Our team is tight-knit. We rely on each other. Everyone comes away with more knowledge and is empowered to succeed."
Ahsan Ale-Rasool, Director, Sales & Solutions Engineering, TW|US-Texas, Profile banner

Ahsan Ale-Rasool

I came to Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company headquartered in the US, from a global telecommunications company, where I had worked for some 21 years. When I began at BAI, the first thing that really impressed me was that every senior leader contacted me personally. It was an amazing welcome. They weren’t just two-minute superficial conversations either. I was asked by many about my vision, how I felt about joining and how they might be able to assist me with what I was doing. As a new person, it was extremely helpful and reinforced that I had made the right decision.


What I admire about BAI beyond the people is the international expertise the company brings to technological roll-outs in the USA. We have some unique offerings and technical solutions for our customers, many of which have been deployed globally.


I also enjoy the inclusiveness and camaraderie we have here. It creates an environment that’s conducive to not only grow and learn but to deliver for our business. Our team is tight-knit, and you rely on each other to spot issues, correct them, and upskill others in areas where they lack experience. As a result, everyone comes away more knowledgeable and empowered to succeed. I’ve spent 24 years in the corporate world, and it’s only at BAI that I’ve experienced this level of care and support for each other. We check in with each other regularly to ensure everyone is doing OK.


At Transit Wireless we work to be more than just vendors to our customers, we become trusted partners that are with them for the entire journey. We’re judged on what we deliver, and we do that well.


Like many positions in our industry, there can be those peak, busy times. That can certainly mean there’s a strong focus on work, but senior leadership ensures there is a work-life balance. When I’m not working, I really enjoy running, swimming, or camping out and hiking in the great outdoors.

Temitope Aina, Administrative Assistant , TW|US-New York, Profile Pic

Temitope Aina

Administrative Assistant

"I’m working together with more than just a group of great friends, they’re like a supportive family. "
Temitope Aina, Administrative Assistant , TW|US-New York, Profile banner

Temitope Aina

Being courageous in what you do – that idea means a lot to me. There is no uniqueness or diversity at all in being the same. Having ideas and opinions that are yours, but at the same time feeling free to share and express them is important. Being heard means each individual can contribute to building success and growth, but that only happens when people feel appreciated.


At Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company, we are all heard and appreciated. As an example, when I spoke to a senior leader about how the office could become green-friendly, they listened. My proposed project found a way that would save us funds, resources and improve sustainability. We’re now more green-friendly and I’m still very much involved in the initiative with another colleague. It happened because my boss was accessible and supportive.


There’s also a sense of unity in our work culture and teamwork. I find people are very friendly, and respectful of everyone. We all help each other out, and there’s a feeling of togetherness, where we’re working as one to achieve goals. Our environment means we are all productive, surrounded by helpful people and lots of ways to upskill. We can all tap into resources and tools for learning and growth while doing work that is meaningful. We also enjoy getting involved in community events and having a bit of fun at times.


Previously I was a legal assistant in a law firm, and joining BAI offered the opportunity for me to build on my existing abilities while spreading my wings in a whole new area. My current role is to administer general office duties, delegate for senior leaders and do everything from invoice processing right through to small projects. My main challenge at work is allocating time for others, and ensuring I manage my own as best as I can. There can be a lot on. BAI operates in a fast-moving environment, and what I do often involves scheduling leadership meetings, navigating busy calendars and as one boss refers to it, “Working my magic!” I’m a firm believer in the saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

If someone was considering a role at BAI, I’d recommend it. This is a company doing a great service to our cities, plus you’ll be joining a business with opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and really grow.

Sam Compton, Director, Project Execution, TW|US-California, Profile Pic

Samuel Compton

Director Project Execution

"I’m part of projects and technical challenges that have not been completed anywhere else before in the world."
Sam Compton, Director, Project Execution, TW|US-California, Profile banner

Samuel Compton

Right now I’m involved in the early stages of building a Wi-Fi network on the fastest high-speed train in the United States. It’s the challenges of projects like this which make working at Transit Wireless so satisfying.


I look at much of what we’ve achieved so far and it makes me proud. We successfully engineered and deployed the very first DAS system in a cross-river tunnel in New York City. DAS is used for cellular phone and wireless connections and is a vital piece of infrastructure. The tunnel area we covered is called Canarsie Tunnel, and it runs on our local ‘L’ line, connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. It’s also one of the busiest lines among 8.4 million city residents. Already we have two mobile network operation companies using that connection, with a third to join very soon which is very exciting.


We make these kinds of achievements due to the commitment of many. Without our people and their team dedication, these networks would not be deployed. Make no mistake, in a busy, 24hr functioning city like NYC there are countless engineering obstacles. The environment itself can be equally daunting here, especially in the winter months. It’s through diverse project experiences like these I’ve been able to grow and explore our customer needs in ways that are both challenging and rewarding. When I’ve completed certain aspects of a project, I’ve stepped back and realized that we’re doing things in NYC that haven’t been done anywhere else in the world.


Previously I had worked primarily in deploying macro sites on rooftops and small cells on streetlight infrastructure in and around the city. I’ve never been involved in managing Wi-Com networks in railway stations and settings before. I’ve found it’s both different but kind of the same in some ways!


Being involved with BAI has given me opportunities to learn and explore more around DAS networks and build up that knowledge. I’ve learnt with every assignment, and absorbed insights from a very diverse team along the way. We have team members from right around the globe, and the business has really taken into account the importance of having such a diverse working culture. I feel our diversity is a big contributor to why we are so successful.


If I had to summarize my experience here to date, I’d say it’s dynamic, diverse and demanding. It’s busy but also very exciting. That’s because the demand for Wi-Fi and the internet is insatiable. Our organization engineers, designs, owns and operates telecommunication networks, so we’re putting in place everything that so many depend on.


Right from your very first week in the job you’ll feel a lot of excitement with us, and possibly some anxiety at times because the challenges are indeed big. You do wear multiple hats, but that’s what’s so invigorating about it. You get the opportunity to have real input into these incredibly important projects.

Rodesha Bryant, Network Operations Technician, TW|US-New York, Profile Pic

Rodesha Bryant

NOC technician

"My leaders connected with me from day one. It’s really refreshing to ask questions and learn from them directly."
Rodesha Bryant, Network Operations Technician, TW|US-New York, Profile banner

Rodesha Bryant

I was drawn to this company when I saw I could get involved in 5G support. After I applied and found out more about specific operations that I had this light-bulb moment. I realized that much of the business is focused on the transit network in railway stations and Wi-Fi. When that dawned on me, I was ecstatic. To know I could be a part of a team that delivers and maintains such an innovation was very cool.


The people here are very proactive, intelligent, and supportive. Rain, sleet or shine they support their teammates and do so regularly. Some of those I work with are so dedicated and hard-working it’s amazing. I’m just honored to be part of a team like that, where I feel comfortable to ask questions and get great answers so that I learn more and grow my abilities.


As a NOC Technician, I monitor and troubleshoot network devices that contribute to the services we offer. I’m constantly collaborating with colleagues on tasks and challenges that may arise and exploring ways to resolve them. We have meetings on current issues or things that we can improve on, and I get to hear insights from others. All that knowledge sharing contributes to the magic of network operations.


The assignments we do here mean a lot. More so than in many technology-related roles. There’s a sense of pride for me that I’m able to deliver services that others will use while commuting daily on the train. We’re facilitating something that my friends and family use. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of the BAI and Transit Wireless evolution. Everyone is working to contribute services that are such a large part of the world we live in.


This shared vision means that a person’s level of seniority is irrelevant. It’s about leaning in and assisting others. The hierarchy structure is very flat and I can communicate with anyone across the business. Even when you’re completely new, the on-boarding process ensures you’re speaking with the leadership team from the start and able to ask them questions around improving the company. When I experienced that, at first, it was quite surprising but really refreshing.


What’s outstanding about working here is that my opportunities don’t need to stop with where I am now. In the future I’d like to become more involved in network security, cyber security, or risk management. With the team we have, there’s so many highly experienced people I can continue to learn from as I grow my career.

Jissa Valerio-Woss, Senior Finance Business Partner , TW|US-New York, Profile Pic

Jissa Valerio-Woss

Senior Finance Business Partner

"I’m constantly surprised by how engaged, friendly and welcoming people are. It’s been completely different to my banking career."
Jissa Valerio-Woss, Senior Finance Business Partner , TW|US-New York, Profile banner

Jissa Valerio-Woss

If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced environment with learning opportunities, a motivated team and good exposure to the C-suite, BAI is a great place to be. I’ve personally gained excellent experience at BAI, and not just in what you’d expect, but also at a higher level. For those joining our area, you’ll be across everything from financial modelling, to presenting to the CEO directly.


I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn. Largely because I came from a completely different industry – Corporate Investment Banking. When I joined, I didn’t know this area at all, so it has been a lot of fun learning all about it.


From top to bottom here, I’ve never heard someone say, “I can’t talk to you right now.” I’m constantly pleased and even surprised at how everyone without exception takes the time to explain in detail exactly what you need to know. I’m always reaching out due to the information I need in my role, and people are a lot more available than elsewhere I’ve worked. It’s something I absolutely love about our people. Right from the start, I was impressed by how engaged everyone is and how welcoming they can be.


This culture of working together is encouraged organization-wide and the People Department do a lot of work to ensure we have the resources we need to learn, grow and have a strong work-life balance. I’ve experienced a lot of different events and activities, many of which have positively impacted everyone. From the Wellness Expo to Community Week, right through to opportunities to attend sessions led by experts where employees can participate and share concerns around what’s happening in their communities.


My day-to-day is far from monotonous. In fact, managing time in my position is essential. For example, I could be working on the Business Performance Review and monthly financials at one point, but that can quickly change if there is an urgent update needed on one of our business cases or a request for a fast turnaround.


For me, BAI has been a great place to transfer my skills and abilities into a completely new field. Prior to joining BAI, I was looking to leave the banking industry, and the combination of communications and technology here was something that really appealed to me. It’s allowed me to progress, without sacrificing what I’ve already learned.


I have to admit, initially, when I discovered the role advertised, I had to do some research as I hadn’t heard of BAI. Then I realized, “No way! I see their signs all over the subway!” You are part of something bigger here that has an impact on our cities.

Aldrin Alberin, Senior Operations Engineer, TW|US-New York, Profile Pic

Aldrin Aberin

Senior Operations Engineer

"I work with more than colleagues here, they’re like family. You share opinions, suggestions and experiences to become better."
Aldrin Alberin, Senior Operations Engineer, TW|US-New York, Profile banner

Aldrin Aberin

Our open communication and team spirit ensures we all succeed.


When I joined Transit Wireless, which is part of BAI Communications, my initial position was Senior RF Engineer. In that role I got to know a lot about the DAS (Cellular) Network. As a result of that experience, I became very involved not only in engineering tasks but in the overall design of the network. I have been able to use that knowledge as we maintain our network service’s uptime at 99.99%.


I’ve since moved to the Network Operations team and kept expanding my knowledge. I’m continuously learning while working and performing at my best for our customers and to assist the company’s growth.


The nature of what I do means there can be time-sensitive situations. Such as when I was on vacation leave and there was an issues that impacted two subway stations. Due to the timing, I took on the task with one of our technicians. We stepped up, knowing it’s important to deliver, and installed a new fiber chassis, module and reconfigurement to successfully restore the cellular service.


I’m currently across a variety of projects with a supportive team. . They are like family to me, from senior leadership and right through, everyone is really encouraging and there’s plenty of opportunities to share opinions, suggestions and experiences.