As cities and communities expand at ever increasing rates, municipalities and governments need to find smart solutions to address citizens’ needs and the flow of people and goods from surrounding communities.


While technology is driving the speed of innovation, smart city infrastructure and applications will be the key to making people happier, building economies of the future, and to making cities more liveable.

The power of neutral hosting - connecting communities

We are always looking at ways to leverage communications infrastructure to further support the community. To this end, we use innovative engineering design solutions to support ongoing network connectivity. In addition, we build strategic partnerships with governments, municipalities, transit authorities, as well as mobile network operators (MNOs) to work together to deliver better connectivity for end users.


In our experience, close and professional vendor management is the key to ensuring smarter community planning and services. Our network solutions help municipal authorities, MNOs, and businesses to create a communications ecosystem that responds to evolving needs while bettering the lives of every citizen.

"5G is going to be a transformative enabler for businesses, government and societies around the world. It will be a key driver for the next wave of tech and economic development, accelerating the scalability of connected infrastructure across cities, transport networks and government services.”
Igor Leprince, Group CEO
- BAI Communications
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