Cities and communities are expanding at ever-increasing rates, and a major challenge for public authorities is to provide communications solutions that enhance citizens’ lives, enable the movement of people and goods, and help build the economies of the future.

To support them, BAI provides a range of tailored solutions. Specifically engineered for governments and municipal authorities. These solutions drive innovation, enable smart city infrastructure, and facilitate the applications that make our cities better places to live and work.


Connecting communities through neutral hosting.

As governments and municipal authorities look for new ways to support the needs of citizens and communities through communications infrastructure, neutral host solutions are emerging as a valuable and viable option for achieving connectivity goals.

The reason for this is clear: neutral hosted networks enable authorities to provide the connectivity and smart services that enhance citizens’ lives in a simpler, more cost-effective way.

Partnering with BAI to deploy a neutral host network allows public authorities to build future-ready communications infrastructure with no large upfront capital investment.

These high-capacity, high-availability, multi-use networks enable the communications ecosystem that network operators and authorities need to meet demands for high-speed communications, inform community planning and build smarter communities.

At BAI, we have a proven history of building strategic partnerships with municipal authorities and designing innovative engineering solutions that meet their network connectivity needs.

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"5G is going to be a transformative enabler for businesses, government and societies around the world. It will be a key driver for the next wave of tech and economic development, accelerating the scalability of connected infrastructure across cities, transport networks and government services."

Igor Leprince

Group CEO
BAI Communications

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