Improving our environmental performance

Our goal, wherever we operate in the world, is to minimise harm to the environment, and maximise our sustainability.

We are determined to reduce our environmental impact, and to help our customers to reduce theirs. To do this, we are constantly investing in infrastructure to improve our services through innovative developments.

Powered by solar

In 2015, our Broadcast Services division launched its pilot 100% solar-powered transmission sites at Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia. Our ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral at all our broadcast sites. The photo-voltaic system uses advanced battery storage technology, coupled with 96 solar panels. It can store 215 kWh of power, producing enough solar energy to run the Muswellbrook transmission system for up to 43 hours, with just 5.5 hours of charge time.

The Muswellbrook antenna serves a community of 50,000 people. Emergency services rely on the communications system during natural disasters.

This pilot solar system is designed with the ruggedness and reliability demanded by the Australian climate. We’re proud to run this broadcasting site with renewable energy and look forward to installing solar power on more sites in the future.

Other environmental initiatives

To improve the environmental performance of our business, we participate in a number of initiatives, including Earth Hour and World Environment Day.

To ensure minimum harm to communities in which we operate, and mitigate risk, we follow guidelines outlined in our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan.

Our Broadcast Services division has achieved the Australia/New Zealand Standard and ISO Standard 14001 for environmental management.


Connecting communities is at the heart of all we do. Wherever you are in the world – Australia, Hong Kong, London, New York, Toronto – we support your communities.


With our corporate sponsorship programme, we enable industry associations and community organisations to connect to more people and extend their reach.


Sometimes getting a start in the workforce can be the hardest part. We’re there, the world over, helping young people get a foothold through industry apprenticeships.