Improving our environmental performance

Our goal, wherever we operate in the world, is to minimise harm to the environment, and maximise our sustainability.

We are determined to reduce our environmental impact, and to help our customers to reduce theirs. To do this, we are constantly investing in infrastructure to improve our services through innovative developments.

UN Global Compact - Wellbeing

Creating smarter and more sustainable communities of the future.

BAI has joined the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, aimed at mobilising a global movement of sustainable companies.

Our goal across the globe is to minimise harm to the environment and maximise sustainable practices.

In developing/advancing BAI’s sustainable approach, we are determined to take responsible climate action, reduce inequalities, operate ethically and continue to innovate and provide communication infrastructure to keep communities connected.

UN Global Compact initiatives by BAI

Battery recycling

In 2021, BAI Canada’s team collected and shipped 102 APC batteries for recycling, each weighing more than 50lbs. This certificate verifies that no part of the 5,000lb shipment has been deposited in a landfill.

As we undergo periodic technology refreshes, we will continue to explore avenues to responsibly recycle, repurpose or reuse equipment where possible.

Tech reset - Battery recycle
Powered by solar - sustainability

Powered by solar

In 2015, our Broadcast Services division launched its first solar-powered transmission sites at Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia.

Designed to meet the ruggedness and reliability demanded by the Australian climate, the photo-voltaic system uses advanced battery storage technology, coupled with 96 solar panels. It stores 215 kWh of power, producing enough solar energy to run the Muswellbrook transmission system for up to 43 hours, with just 5.5 hours of charge time. The Muswellbrook antenna serves a community of 50,000 people, with emergency services relying on the communications system during natural disasters.

Now, six years after the launch of our Muswellbrook pilot site, BAI Australia operates four new solar sites in Yatpool, Mawson Trig, Brandon MF, and Minding MF.

During the financial year 2019/20, our solar fleet produced 403 GWh of electricity, increasing to 592 GWh in 2020/21. We look forward to installing solar power on more sites.

Other environmental initiatives

To improve the environmental performance of our business, we participate in a number of initiatives, including Earth Hour and World Environment Day.

To ensure minimum harm to communities in which we operate, and mitigate risk, we follow guidelines outlined in our Pollution Incident Response Management Plan.

Our Broadcast Services division has achieved the Australia/New Zealand Standard and ISO Standard 14001 for environmental management.