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Mobile network operators (MNOs) face an ongoing challenge to meet today’s connectivity needs, while preparing for those of the future. To support them in this objective, BAI has created a portfolio of shared communications infrastructure.

These solutions are designed to deliver both financial and operational benefits for MNOs, while providing a clear path to network leadership. BAI offers the future-oriented shared infrastructure network that allows customers to realise their connectivity visions.

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Discover how connected lighting and partnerships between ecosystem players like BAI and Signify are illuminating the future of smart communities.


Accelerate your networks with BAI neutral hosting.

MNOs are increasingly reviewing their capital expenditure strategies and re-thinking the traditional approach of deploying and operating their own infrastructure. The clear preference now for many is to leverage the benefits and capabilities of neutral host infrastructure providers – like BAI.

BAI provides the seamless, shared connectivity that MNOs need through our extensive and ongoing investment in network infrastructure. Leveraging this infrastructure allows MNOs to accelerate 5G adoption and prepare for 6G, without the costs associated with building their own infrastructure.

There is no single formula for MNO partnerships, and solutions can be adapted to meet different commercial models. We can call on a wealth of experience from around the world in providing neutral host networks which allow MNOs to improve reach and customer experience.

BAI has a proven history of working with global transit systems to deploy neutral host infrastructure that connect underground transit networks, including in both New York City and Toronto subways, connecting over 3 billion transit rides each year.

We have also recently been appointed by Transport for London (TfL) to provide mobile coverage throughout the London Underground, alongside a city-wide communications network that will bring together a range of capabilities into a single integrated backbone of new digital connectivity for the capital. This will facilitate both public and private providers on a single network.

In the US, through Mobilitie, we run neutral host networks with MNO partners in more than 250 marquee venues, across over 10,000 small cell networks in every major US city, as well as maintaining over 300 tower sites. Mobilitie has also been appointed to deliver a neutrally hosted network with seamless coverage along the San Francisco Bay Area metro, the nation’s fifth largest public transit system.

To explore how a neutral hosting solution can equip you with a financial and operational edge, get in touch with us for a conversation today.


“With the growth of 5G, there is a unique opportunity for Telcos to play a critical role in developing and driving the applications and benefits for consumers and solutions and services for industries and public services, not just restricting themselves to being a provider of connectivity.”

Igor Leprince

Group CEO
BAI Communications

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