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More than ever, the world depends on connectivity at all times, and with the advent of 5G, leading-edge innovation is happening at an incredible rate.


Nobody understands this better than mobile network operators (MNOs), and that’s why you need to be ready and able to provide ubiquitous connectivity and low latency for all your customers.


And that’s where we come in.


By partnering with a neutral host provider like BAI Communications, you can unlock new capabilities and services that positively impact your business and your customer.


We have the experience and expertise to plan and execute network expansions, delivering projects on time while minimizing risk. Through our experience working across the globe with multiple government entities and MNOs, we create the best solution for your business and get large-scale projects moving quickly.

The host with the most – neutral hosting platforms

For years we have been investing our own capital to enhance network infrastructure and provide better connectivity for businesses and communities. In Australia, we have over 752 sites with broadcast towers that service 99% of the population. In New York City and Toronto we have over 300km of high-count fiber optic networks and service connectivity in 519 subway stations.


Managing this extensive infrastructure successfully provides us with the expertise needed to be able to deliver the services that MNOs need.


In fact, we provide quality connectivity for over 3 billion transit rides worldwide every year. We drive efficiencies for MNOs across the wealth of infrastructure, and deploy innovative applications that enable our customers to connect through the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart city applications.


That’s what makes us the ideal partner for neutral hosting solutions if you’re looking to deliver 5G to create the communities of the future.

"With the growth of 5G, there is a unique opportunity for Telcos to play a critical role in developing and driving the applications and benefits for consumers and solutions and services for industries and public services, not just restricting themselves to being a provider of connectivity.”
Igor Leprince, Group CEO
- BAI Communications
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