BAI Communications is excited to support International Women’s Day 2018.

Today we are celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and have embraced the global theme of “irrespective of who you are, or your field of specialisation be part of #PressforProgress.”

As part of our celebrations globally, we have invited all staff members, men and women, to share in a talk from an inspiring woman, Chelsea Pottenger. Chelsea is a thought leader in mindfulness, inspirational speaker and expert in delivering tools to help you recharge and flourish at work, and at home.

The focus of Chelsea’s talk with BAI is about whether you are aware or not, you can train your brain to recalibrate every aspect of your life. By the end of the session, Chelsea will arm us with the tools to support us to live our BAI Communications culture of “Be Courageous.  Do What Matters.”

From Hong Kong to London, Toronto to New York, and in our corporate headquarters in Australia, we are all celebrating the achievements of women around the world, those who have gone before us and those whose actions now, impact what the future will be.

We invite each of you to visit the International Women’s Day 2018 website to explore what actions resonate.

IWD 2018 | BAI Communications