BAI Communications (BAI) leverages its established partnerships with some of the world’s leading technology providers to deliver independent and reliable communications infrastructure in some of the most complex and therefore challenging environments – including that of a busy transit system. BAI has had a long and successful partnership with SOLiD, a world leader in indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications, working together to deliver networks in Toronto and New York City.

In Toronto, BAI has worked with SOLiD since it began delivering services for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in 2012. During this time, SOLiD have helped bring BAI’s modernization initiatives to life and have a proven track record of delivering reliable, high quality Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) equipment to several industries. Their systems have proven to withstand subway vibrations, brake dust from trains, temperature variations and high capacity needs; therefore, maximizing equipment lifespan and reducing network lifecycle costs. SOLiD’s DAS infrastructure has helped strengthen the signal strength of cellular carriers, especially as cellular usage moves indoors.

In the TTC subway system, BAI has installed SOLiD’s Alliance Multi-Carrier DAS. This multi-carrier platform is designed to provide public safety radio, 2-way radio and commercial wireless systems all on one network. Alliance can deliver LTE services in any band, guarantee radio frequency (RF) power control so operators can lock-in power levels and comply with public-safety requirements including essential 2-way (UHF/VHF) and public-safety (700/800) communications.

Partnering with SOLiD has enabled BAI to deliver measurable benefits to transit authorities, their operations and passengers, as well as consistent service for BAI’s mobile carrier customers.

In New York, SOLiD has worked with Transit Wireless (a majority-owned BAI Communications company) to provide the multi-carrier DAS that now serves to connect 5.7 million commuters everyday. Providing reliable, high-capacity networks in challenging environments, such as subways, requires a unique supplier and partner, like SOLiD.

Celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year, SOLiD got their start in Seoul’s subway system which has 18 subway lines and 2.6 billion riders a year. They are now recognized as global DAS leaders in wireless densification and are a trusted supplier for some of the world’s best-known venues.

Ken Sandfeld, President, SOLiD Americas said:
“Delivering cellular solutions to subways systems in cities such as Toronto, New York City and to the largest subway system is part of SOLiD’s DNA. We started the company delivering technology into subway systems in Seoul and Tokyo twenty years ago. We are proud to be working with BAI Communications, experts in delivering public cellular and public safety systems into the world’s leading subway systems.”

We are pleased at BAI to be able partner with an industry leader like SOLiD. We look forward to continuing our work together to modernize the subway systems in Toronto and New York, as well as each city at-large.

SOLiD’s global expertise

Subway networks

  • New York City: 1.7 billion riders a year, 7th busiest system in the world, operates 24/7/365
  • Seoul: fourth busiest system in the world, 18 subway lines, 2.6 billion riders a year
  • Tokyo: world’s busiest subway, 3.6 million riders a year


  • McCarren: Las Vegas, 48 million passengers a year
  • O’Hare: Chicago, 77 million passengers a year, world’s busiest airport
  • Guadalajara: 9.8 million passengers a year

Other large-scale projects

  • Amazon Seattle Headquarters: largest retailer in United States
  • Empire State Building: 102 Stories, 1454 stories high
  • Ohio State University: 58,000 students, 28,000 employees, 1764-acre campus