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Meet Kevin Pike and Patrick Maraun at TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2022

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

29 - 30 November 2022

TowerXchange has been recognised as the home of the global telecom tower industry since 2012. Their research, analysis and events provide unparalleled insights and access into the global towerco market as it grows in prominence.

As the tower industry’s leading reference point and network, TowerXchange:

  • Records and publishes tower counts and other key industry data points
  • Provides in-depth analysis on the latest news and trends
  • Publishes regular interviews with the biggest names in the industry
  • Manages the world’s leading community of tower industry professionals
  • Organises annual Meetups welcoming towerco management teams alongside MNOs, investors and the industry supply chain.

ESG working group

29 November | 14:00 - 15:15 ASET

  • As ESG becomes more important to investors, are Environmental, Social or Governance issues receiving the most attention across Asia?
  • What ESG targets do towercos have in place and how are they creating a roadmap to meet them?
  • What do shareholders and investors want to see from ESG reporting, and how do they use this information?
  • What goes into an ESG report, what metrics should you be measuring and what standards should you be measuring against?
  • How are towercos working with tenants and suppliers to ensure their activity is in line with their own targets around ESG, especially when it comes to scope 3 emissions?
  • How do the priorities of towercos that do and don’t offer Power as a Service differ when it comes to reducing environmental impact and the reporting associated

Other participants:

  • Rebecca Konrad, CIO, Global telecoms, IFC
  • Azzahra Annuar, Director, Risk and Compliance, edotco Group
  • Gulfraz Qayyum, Managing Director, Citi


Patrick Maraun
Head of Sustainability and Buildings
BAI Communications Australia

Energy working group

29 November | 16:00 - 17:15 ASET

  • How are towercos across Asia combatting rising grid prices and fuel costs?
  • What renewable solutions are seeing the most success? What future technologies are towercos evaluating?
  • How do towercos balance investing in renewables compared to investing in upgrading grid connections or other forms of power generation. What length ROI are towercos working towards?
  • Who owns renewable equipment? MNOs, towercos or ESCOs?
  • Would ESCOs offer MNOs more cost-effective energy solutions for their sites? How can towercos take advantage?
  • What equipment are towercos investing in to improve energy efficiency? What makes a best-in-class rectifier, or free-cooling unit?
  • How are 5G power requirements being met on heavily loaded sites with lots of equipment installed?
  • How can MNOs and towercos work together when dimensioning sites to make sure power considerations are taken into account.
  • Battery innovation across Asia

Other participants:

  • Sachin Naik, COO Summit Digitel
  • Sean Alborough, Former Head of Operations, Helios Towers, Ghana and Apollo Towers Myanmar
  • Ghada Ghotmeth, Investment Director, CREI


Patrick Maraun
Head of Sustainability and Buildings
BAI Communications Australia

Roundtable 3C: Finding opportunities in active sharing

30 November | 11:15-12:30 ASET

Kevin will be hosting a roundtable discussing the opportunities for active sharing

Active sharing is the sharing of active elements of a communications network – where a neutral infrastructure foundation allows various users (such as operators) to make use of another network’s service. A curated group of experts will gather to brainstorm the latest developments and what opportunities and benefits active sharing can offer.


  • Phillip Wong, Country Managing Director, edotco
  • Terrance McCabe, CTO, APAC, Nokia


Kevin Pike
General Manager, Network Solutions
BAI Communications Australia

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Date : 29 - 30 November 2022

Where : Marina Bay Sands, Singapore